Last Breath

I am currently reading Last Breath by Mariah Stewart to review. It's really interesting so far and I'm enjoying it. I just went to find a blurb to put up here about the book and it had a major spoiler in it! I hate when people ruin books for people in their summaries. Here's a blurb from Mariah Stewart's site about the book. This is the third in a trilogy. I don't think you need to read the other two to understand this one. They seem to be stand alone books in my opinion. Here's the blurb from her site:

As renowned archaeologist Dr. Daria McGowan readies the most important project of her career—a museum exhibit showcasing the priceless artifacts her great-grandfather unearthed a century ago in the Middle East—she makes a shocking discovery: many of the most significant pieces have vanished. Panicked, Daria turns to the FBI.

It's an assignment that Special Agent Connor Shields is more than happy to accept: Daria is the same pretty American archaeologist he's been searching for ever since a chance meeting two years ago. Working together to track down the owners of the stolen artifacts, Daria and Connor discover a trail of bodies—collectors who have met brutal, bizarre ends at the hands of a killer whose murderous methods are based on the rituals of an ancient civilization.

Amid rumors of a curse and mounting pressure from both the FBI and the museum, Daria and Connor race to unmask their enemy and unravel a mystery stretching across oceans and centuries. All the while, an ingenious murderer follows a sinister plan to gather the coveted antiquities, and one last acquisition: Daria.

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