Reading The Con Artist of Catalina Island

I was in the mood for something different so I started The Con Artist of Catalina Island by Jennifer Colt. I have about 100 pages left. I love getting my next book ready. It's funny because I can be 50 pages in and already I will start planning what I am reading next. I'm a moody reader though, so by the time I am done with what I am reading, half the time I'm not in the mood for the book I originally planned to read next. That's why I could never participate in those Reading Challenges I see on blogs everywhere online. I don't think I could stick to a mandated list and order of books to be read. I need variety or I get bored. Right now in my review pile I have chick lit, mystery, vampire romance, cozy mystery, and women's fiction. So I like to alternate with my books. If I just read a mystery, then I will read a chick lit book. I dont like too many runaway brides or too many dead corpses in a row or my mind starts to get mixed up and characters from previous books get mixed up in my head. Anyway, I'm enjoying this book and it's a nice light read where I don't have to over think the storyline. Fun characters too. That's all for now. Review when I am done.

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