Currently reading Blood Secrets

I'm currently reading Blood Secrets by Vivi Anna. As soon as I heard this book was like CSI meets vampire, I had to get my hands on it! I read almost the whole book in one day. I have about 50 pages left. It is just SO good and I am so excited about this series!! I have book 2 Dark Lies in my pile too and there is a book 3 coming but I'm not sure when it comes out. This book is part of the Nocturne line of books put out by Harlequin. REALLY good book. I'll post my review as soon as I am done reading it. I can't decide if I should read the next book in the series next, or if I should take a break inbetween and read something else. I have a bunch of vampy books and I am praying I don't OD on them like everyone else. I really am enjoying this genre!

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