Loving Sucker Bet..

OMG Sucker Bet is SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! I haven't read the first three in the Vampire series and I was worried that it would spoil it for me, reading #4 first, but it doesnt and it's really good. I've only read one other Erin McCarthy book and that's You Don't Know Jack and I really enjoyed it, but this is like a million times better! It's so creative and funny. I am drooling on this manuscript, dying to read more in this series. Man, it's really good. And to think Erin McCarthy was discovered in the Brava writing contest and wasn't published before that! She is REALLY good! I still have a little over 100 pages left, but I am in paranormal heaven right now and had to share. Great book. I wish there was a bigger pic of the cover for Sucker Bet online. I can't find one anywhere. It's such a cute cover too. Ok back to reading..

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