Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy Review

Paige Darlington won her battle with Satan in the previous book in this series and is no longer employed by him as a Rivka. She wants to find love but that’s going to be kind of hard now that she has discovered Satan’s little secret on why he’s let her go. Satan had a scientist make Paige as his secret weapon. Once she has killed enough people and the evil in her grows, she will turn completely wraith and loose her soul in the process. Everyone and everything living that comes into contact with Paige dies. She has the touch of death and finds this out the hard way by accidentally killing an angel. Now she is being hunted down by a group of angels called The Men in White who will kill Paige if they learn she is Satan’s weapon.

Jed Buchanan is a shadow warrior who was sent by Satan Jr. to kill someone. When Paige meets him she is thrilled to learn she can be touched by him. This leads to her developing strong feelings for Jed, who unfortunately is obligated under his contract with Satan Jr. to kill Paige. Paige needs to find out a way to stop herself from turning completely evil and into Satan’s weapon. When she finds out that a bath in Heaven will heal her, she is determined to go for it. The only problem is, Heaven doesn’t let people created by Satan in and her bath can potentially blow it up.

How will Paige fight the evil growing inside of her?

Will Jed find a way to save Paige before it’s too late or will he do his job and kill her?

Will Jed and Paige’s passion for each other turn into true love?

Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy is the first book that I’ve read by Stephanie Rowe. It’s actually #4 in her Immortally Sexy Series but I was able to follow the storyline even though I haven’t read the previous three books. I absolutely adored this story. As a reader who is new to paranormal romance, I am now hooked. The characters were unique and so funny. The romance between Jed and Paige was passionate and sexy. The writing was suspenseful, had a great flow to it and is exciting, and hilarious.

Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy is a fun exciting book that will take you away into Paige’s world. You will meet Satan, Angels, Shadow Warriors and Rivkas. They will take you away to Heaven and Hell and make you wish you had their special powers. Stephanie Rowe brings a fresh voice to paranormal romance with her characters and I look forward to more books by this author.

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