Another One Bites The Dust Review

Jaz Parks is back in the second installment in Jennifer Rardin’s new series. When we first met Jaz in ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY, she was saving the world from a deadly virus by taking out terrorists. Along the way she met Cassandra and Cole who are now part of her team along with Vayl, Bergman, and herself.

Jaz’s latest mission is to recover a unique piece of armor that Bergman had built that has been stolen by a vampire named Chien – Lung. While wearing the armor Lung is completely safe and impossible to kill. How will they kill Lung and get the armor back when he is always wearing it?

The whole group jumps into an RV and goes to the Corpus Christi Winter Festival to pose as performers so they can get close to Lung. The only problem is, there are reavers, ancient soul eating murderers, out to kill Jaz. Only she can sense reavers and that leaves her with having to constantly watch her back to protect herself.

Jaz is still dealing with the pain of what happened that dreadful night years ago. It’s affecting her from sleeping now. Instead of lying in the bed and having a nightmare, she is acting out her dreams. From waking up in traffic, jumping out of windows, to pulling a gun on herself, this is getting very dangerous. Jaz will have to deal with her grief to put an end to the nightmares before she accidentally kills herself in her sleep.

Now that Cole is on the team, there is some male animosity coming from Vayl. Vayl is becoming very jealous of Jaz’s constant worrying and closeness with Cole. Does Vayl have deep feelings for Jaz? Will Jaz be able to control her love for the vampire or will she give in to her emotions?

Jaz and the team all work together with their special skills to take down Lung before it’s too late. The armor he possesses is very dangerous in the wrong hands. Lung wants to accomplish some very evil things with the armor that Bergman never had in mind when he created it. Will Jaz and Vayl be able to foil Lung’s plans before he kills everyone at the Winter Festival?

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST is an amazing action packed fantasy story that readers will devour. While reading a Jaz Parks story, I am taken away into another world and everything else ceases to exist. This book reads like a movie with non stop action and excitement on every page. The villains are evil to the core and you will root for Jaz to successfully save everyone by completing her mission.

The romance between Jaz and Vayl is developing and their bond is deepening. I loved the characters, the first person point of view is perfect, the story is thrilling, and the fantasy and magic elements are fun. The Jaz Park Series reads like one that has been waiting to be told for a long time. Jaz is real and we are rooting for more of her!! Jennifer Rardin is at the top of my must read list and a name I will remember. Look out for the third book in the series, Biting the Bullet, due out in February 2008.

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