Pretty VS Ugly

This post is pertaining to society's view on pretty and ugly in the world. Check out this site to learn more about Scott Westerfeld's books and enter the contest to win all four. http://deeanddeedish.blogspot.com/

I think society has reached an all time low with their obsession with beauty. Celebrities are scrutinized from their wrinkles to their cellulite to how skinny or fat they are. When Britney Spears performed for a show on TV, she wore an outfit that she thought she looked good in being that she's only about 130 pounds. After a bad performance, we all heard about how ''fat'' she looked, not about how she lip synched or how she looked drugged out. It was all about how disgusting and fat she was. I don't know what world we are living in when 130 pounds is fat. Children are developing eating disorders at a very young age because of the pressure to look good.

I think Scott Westerfeld's books are a genious idea and I hope they help society realize how crazy and ludacrious they are for thinking plastic surgery and eating disorders are the answer to everything. I've never read Scott's books yet but I know what they're about. The idea of everyone needing plastic surgery after a certain age as a kid to fit in is interesting and just plays on how crazy our world is. I look foward to reading these books and I hope people can look past pretty and ugly and see what's inside because that is what counts.


  1. You are brilliant!! Thank you so much for blogging the books, and for speaking out on the Pretty v. Ugly issue. I have much the same attitude as you, and it just burns me to think of so many young people with such intense hang-ups about appearances. Hopefully, people will see the light. Books like this might just help a little in that regard.

  2. Thanks Dee! When I heard about this series, I thought it sounded like a great idea and very unique. He's certainly very popular with a large variety of people, teens and adults. I can't wait to read the books. They sound like they'd make great movies. Love your blog Dee. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I'm not big on reading YA but Westerfeld's books sound really interesting. Thanks for the headsup, Rachael!

    I try really hard not to let society's obsession with beauty get to me, I'm a naturally small-framed girl but I still have hips and I happen to like them. I try to eat healthy and stay away from all those diet fads that put up all the time.

    I definitely agree that it's what inside that counts but sometimes it's hard not to let someone's appereance get in the way. My ex is a perfect example - he was really shallow and conceited and that's why we broke up.

    About your fiance - that's so weird! lol but kinda cute in an odd sort of way.

  4. Hey Wendy!
    Yea I find all his little quirks adorable. :) I dated a guy once who was really good looking but once I got to know him, I didn't like him as much. Sure he was gorgeous but he didn't care about anything I said or did. If I got sick he wouldnt be at my door with soup, etc. When I had my wisdom teeth taken out, I couldnt talk well that day because i had gauze in my mouth to stop the bleeding. He kept calling me knowing I couldnt talk. So when I tried to talk and sounded funny, he laughed at me. He just wasn't a good person inside at all. He didnt treat me bad but he didnt treat me good either. So good looks aren't all it's cracked up to be. I perfer a man who is good inside and out then just a pretty face.

    There's alot of great YA books out there that sound good to me. I wasn't big on the idea either at first but some just sound so good. I want to read Richelle Mead's books which have vampires and succubuses. They're supposed to be really good. Also I love Cornelia Funke's book Inkheart which is great. And of course JK Rowling.

  5. Ugh, what an asshole! at least my ex could be shallow but he could such a sweetheart to me yet an asshole to others, lol.

    Anyhoodles, I've heard great things about Mead's YA books, I've read her Succubus Blues one and it was very good, I may read her YA, too. :)

  6. And yay! I just saw you put me in your Favorite Sites' list, thanks! *g*

  7. Wendy isn't Succubus Blues YA?? I swore it was! Glad to hear it's good! :) I want to read all her books especially Vampire Academy.

  8. Nooo, it isn't. SC is book 1 of her Georgina Kincaid series which isn't YA.

  9. OHHH, wow I didnt realize that. Thanks!


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