Twisted Justice Review

Laura Nelson is a successful thoracic surgeon, one who specializes in chest diseases and operations. Her husband, Steve, is a famous newscaster. They have five children and live a comfortable life together with a housekeeper who helps them with their children.

After a late night at the hospital, Laura comes home one night to the shocking sight of her husband being intimate with another woman, his co-anchor Kim Connor. Laura kicks Steve out of the house and plans to file for divorce.

But before she can file any papers, Steve takes all five children with him and doesn’t contact Laura to let her know when they will be coming home. After two days of worrying about her children, Laura drives to her husband’s apartment to see if they are there. Instead of finding Steve and the kids, she stumbles upon Kim Connor’s dead body.

With a specialty in chest injuries, Laura decides to try to save the woman but is caught by police with blood on her hands. Laura is arrested for the murder of Kim Connor and ends up fighting for her life back and the custody of her missing children.

Why would Steve take the kids and run off with them? Who killed Kim Connor? Quickly, Laura’s life unravels into tiny pieces with one disaster after another. Will Laura be able to get her children back and clear her name?

TWISTED JUSTICE is an intense family oriented mystery about one woman’s fight to keep her children safe and clear her name after being arrested for murder. The mystery is tightly plotted with exciting revelations around every turn. The suspense never lets up with one exciting event after another unfolding.

TWISTED JUSTICE is a fantastic mystery that I would highly recommend. I read this book rather quickly, desperately needing to know the outcome of the scenario. Pick up a copy of Twisted Justice when it comes out in December and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

TWISTED JUSTICE is an adrenaline ride of pure suspense that will demand your undivided attention from start to finish.

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