Almost done with Devour..

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days. I've been so busy Christmas shopping and getting ready for the holidays. I'm almost done with Devour by Melina Morel and I want to tell everyone, IGNORE ALL THE BAD REVIEWS ON THIS BOOK! Everywhere I looked, I saw bad reviews on it before I even got to read it. It had me really bummed out and made me think it was going to be really bad. But as a reviewer, I try to avoid the reviews and form my own opinion.

I have 40 pages left, will probably finish tonight. But I just had to say this is a good book and that all those bad reviews are so uncalled for. One reviewer had said it was brutal and that some of the scenes were so violent that you shouldn't eat while reading it. Well I waited and waited for these scenes. I love scary stuff. There's some scenes involving a werewolf killing people, but it's brief and NOWHERE near as scary as the reviewer had me to beleive.

I'm not going to get into specifics too much because I need to save stuff for my review, but I just had to say this is a good book and to ignore the bad reviews all over online. I've been thoroughly entertained and immersed in Devour and it's a great different take on the wearwolf story. I'll have a review up here soon as I am done.

In the meantime, post in my comments and tell me what book you are reading, what it's about and if you're enjoying it!


  1. this is why I don't pay a lot of attention to reviews because what someone else might think it's horrible, I might like.

  2. Yea, exactly. I was very surprised at how good the book was after so many reviewers trashed it.


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