Devour Review

Paul DuJardin is a French author who wrote a book about the Montfort Family. In 1789 a Montfort turned into a werewolf and killed a young countess named Marie-Jeanne. The Montforts are a long line of werewolves that are almost all extinct, except for one, Pierre de Montfort. He is the last existing werewolf alive in the family.

Pierre is a jeweler by day, a werewolf by night. No one knows about his shift changing abilities, not even his girlfriend. If Pierre marries and reproduces, there will be more dangerous werewolves to deal with. Someone wants to stop this from happening by putting an end to Pierre’s life.

Paul met Julie Buchanan while visiting the original Montfort Estate in Paris where the murder of Marie-Jeanne happened. Julie happens to be an ancestor of Marie-Jeanne. After meeting, Paul and Julie develop a relationship. Julie is a book translator, and Paul asks for her assistance in translating his French novel about the Montfort Werewolves into English.

When the book is released in the US, Pierre is furious. Not only did Paul write a book about Pierre’s family, he also named Pierre and identified him as a werewolf. How can Pierre keep his secret after this book is published for the whole world to see? Will he become furious and retaliate with murder? Will Pierre go after Julie for helping Paul release this book in the US?

Paul works alongside a crew of people who work for The Institute to hunt werewolves and kill them. The doctor they work for is very interested in Pierre and wants him captured so he can study him. He gives the crew strict orders not to kill Pierre, but how do you capture a dangerous werewolf without killing him?

As the crew from The Institute puts together an elaborate plan to capture the werewolf, Pierre starts to lose control and goes on a killing spree around New Jersey and New York. Will Paul be able to catch Pierre before he kills another person?

DEVOUR is an exciting werewolf story with lots of suspense and mystery. The hunt for Pierre the werewolf is exciting and you never know who he will turn on next. As a New Jersey resident, I thoroughly enjoyed the references to local New Jersey towns and highways scattered throughout the book.

Melina Morel writes in a compelling and intriguing way that makes the reader become completely immersed in the story. DEVOUR is a fantastic book that suspense readers will enjoy. The romance is minimal, which is odd being this is a paranormal romance. But if you are looking for an exciting werewolf story with lots of action, then you will love Devour. This is a fantastic debut by a very talented author and I look forward to reading another book by Melina Morel.


  1. Now that's a detailed review! :) It's been a while, so I forgot all about the area references in there...that's always fun when you can recognize them. You've already got the Jersey Devil, don't need to be thinking about anymore 'creatures' lurking around. *snicker*

  2. Hey Kimberly! Thanks, glad you liked my review! Did you review this one too?

  3. A complicated plot, but it sounds pretty good. Great review!

  4. Sounds a bit complicated but a good read. :)

  5. It's really not that complicated. I guess I make it sound like it is. LOL It's not though. It's mainly about Pierre being a werewolf and killing people while the people from The Institute try to capture him before it's too late. That's it in a sentence. LOL

  6. This is something new! A werewolf as the villain. Usually they are the good guys. And this one is a jeweler, too? Nice review, as usual.

  7. Yea I thought it was unusal too for the werewolf to be a villian. But I liked that. It's not always very realistic for all the vamps and werewolves to be such good guys all the time.


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