I Love Dexter!

I am in love with a show called Dexter. I won Season 1 on DVD a couple months ago from a book site. I had never heard of the show before because it's only on Showtime. My fiance and I put the DVD in and watched hour after hour of Dexter. We finished Season One a week or so ago. The second season on Showtime ended recently and they have all the episodes On Demand on Showtime. So I ordered it tonight and we are in heaven watching episode, after episode, after episode. Right now we are about 4 hours into our Dexter Season 2 marathon session. I Love Dexter. You have to watch this show. It's so frigging awesome!


  1. I don't get Showtime, but I've heard it's a good show. House is at the top of my love/obsession list, though. Hugh Laurie makes me swoon.

  2. I didnt have Showtime either but Season 1 is out on DVD now so anyone can see it. It's SO awesome too!!!


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