Kohls I don't like you..You are too crowded..

I was Christmas shopping at Kohls today. It was crowded and horrible. I am so sick of buying gifts. I am exhausted. And of course I didn't get to read at all today since I was Christmas shopping all day. I am looking foward to January 2nd when all this holiday crap is behind us!

Tomorrow I need to return a present that exploded in it's bag. I need some very small things, maybe, and then I am finally done with my shopping. I can't wait to just lay in my bed and just relax. It's so hard shopping for some people.

Kohls did have some really good prices but the lines were outrageous and they dont even have any shopping carts! All they have are these little kid stroller things and they only have like 4 for the whole store! I was so tempted to grab one from Shoprite next door and use it in the store. But it was hot in Kohls, crowded, and a huge mess. They had barely any men's sweaters left and people were just psychotic with quickly grabbing things before other people can. I'm sorry, I won't fight an old lady for a sweater. I really don't care for it that much. I said this year I would only do giftcards to save me the time of shopping. Well that didn't work out, I ended up getting gifts anyway.

My review pile wants to be read. I'm looking foward to alot of books in that pile. What book are you curling up with this weekend? And do you like Kohls? Are there any by you? I do like Kohls, but not during Christmas.


  1. I'm reading A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans right now. Not really a curl-up-before-a-toasty-fire kind of book, but very good nonetheless.

    I have never been to a Kohl's, actually. They may have one where I'm moving, but I don't remember seeing one.

    I understand about that holiday rush, though. We stay away from Wal-Mart and other stores during this time. We usually have our Christmas shopping done by July, August at the latest. Sounds stupid, but you definitely beat the last-minute rush.

  2. I wish we could have done our shopping in the summer! Wow what a great idea. I did go to Walmart last week and it was horribly crowded!!

  3. I've never been to Kohl's and I'll wait until the holiday season passes to go there, LOL.

    Now, I'm reading HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE - I got it in part of a package I won, it's a good short read. :)

  4. That's a Nocturne right Wendy? How are you liking it? So you finished Unlucky already? Man you read fast. I think you've read 4 books in the time that I am still reading Darkling. LOL

  5. Kohls hasn't quite made it this far down the state yet. :( What a horrible time to shop, and what ever happened to people being extra nice around the holidays?

    I'm finishing reading Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead.

  6. OOOOOOOOOO How is it Kimberly?!!!

    We only have this one Kohls around here. There's other ones but nowhere near me.

  7. It's very much like the first, but a bit more predictable because we know the background. :)

    I know a lot of people who love shopping there. There are so many stores here already that it amazes me they can all do well enough to stick around. *grin*

  8. Oh Kimberly, I dont know what Richelle's first book is like because I've never read it. But I will be soon now that I just won a copy!! :)

  9. Woohoo...congrats on your win! Now you'll just have to give yourself permission to read a book purely for yourself! *grin*


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