Midnight Awakening Review

Elise Chase is barely holding on after losing her son to the Rogue vampires and Crimson, a drug that causes Bloodlust and eventually death from psychosis. She’s on a killing spree killing Rogues and Minions in retribution for her loss. Elise uses her unique gift of psychic powers to help her with her killing but eventually her powers start to become too much for her to deal with.

Tegan is a Gen One Warrior, the deadliest of the Breeds. He lost his Breedmate five hundred years ago and has been determined to kill as many Rogues as possible since her horrible death. When he finds Elise battling Rogues all by herself in an alley, he is shocked when he realizes who she is. She’s the Darkhaven female that he escorted home after her son Camden’s death. He hasn’t seen her since and is surprised by how she is coping since the death.

Tegan helps Elise deal with her grief from the loss of her husband five years ago and now the recent death of her son. She hasn’t mated with anyone since her husband’s death and refuses to move on with her life. Together they battle the Rogues and Minions that they come into contact with. While they are hunting the bad guys someone is hunting them. This deadly vampire lurks in the shadows and will strike when they’re not looking. Will Elise and Tegan survive their ordeal or will their enemy succeed in his mission?

MIDNIGHT AWAKENING is the third book in the very popular Midnight Breed Series. The story was thrilling, suspenseful, erotic, romantic, and action packed! The characters shine through in vivid detail. The action scenes jump off the pages and will scare the reader into holding their breath!

This is my first book by Lara Adrian but I was able to understand the back-story enough to thoroughly enjoy MIDNIGHT AWAKENING. I am very impressed and I can’t wait to read all of her previous books right away! Paranormal romance fans will be thrilled and delighted with this newest installment in Adrian’s new series. This is without a doubt a 10 star book!


  1. I think everyone I know is enjoying this series. Now you'll just have to free up some time to read the previous books. :)

  2. I can't wait to read the others! I know with so many review books there is no time to read non review stuff. :(

  3. When you get caught up a bit you will have to give yourself 'me' time every now and then so that you can enjoy some books simply for the pleasure of it. :)

  4. I'm doing pretty good in catching up. I have three books due that are late but I am going to get them in soon. The more I dont stress about it the faster I can get them done. :)


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