The Remains of the Dead Review

I started this book last night. I finished it today! I didn't even have a chance to mention that I was reading it because I finished it so fast! Great book! Really fun fast read. Here's my review!
The Remains of the Dead is the first book in a new mystery series. The story features Sadie Novak, the owner of Scene – 2- Clean, a crime scene clean up company. Sadie runs her small business with the help of an ex cop named Zack. Together they clean up after the deceased so the family doesn’t have to deal with such a horrendous task.

Sadie has a secret. She can see and talk to the ghosts in the houses she cleans. Usually they have a last wish to be granted or something that needs to be handled. But a lot of the time they just need some answers and to be told that they can let go and move on now.

Sadie and Zack’s latest case is a murder-suicide of a husband and wife named Grant and Trudy Toth. While cleaning up the crime scene, Sadie meets a man named Kent, who she mistakes for a ghost, wandering around the Toth’s house. After realizing Kent is a live person, Sadie wonders who this man is and why he was in the home of the Toth’s. Something doesn’t seem right to Sadie so she waits for the ghosts to appear and tell her what happened.

When Trudy Toth’s ghost appears, Sadie assumes she will just tell her who killed her, if not her husband, and then that will be it. But Trudy’s ghost can’t talk for some reason and just gestures manically for Sadie to understand her. How will Sadie solve this case if she’s having trouble communicating with Trudy’s ghost? Did Trudy’s husband Grant kill her and then himself or is this an elaborate cover up for murder by an outside perpetrator?

The Remains of the Dead is an exciting and fun mystery that deserves to be read all in one sitting. Sadie is a loveable character with a dark past and I look forward to learning more about her in the next book in the series. The mystery is tightly plotted and not even the most experienced mystery readers will be able to uncover the answer to this puzzle.


  1. I'm so looking forward to book 2. Great review Rachael. :)

  2. Thanks Kimberly! I love when you visit my little blog. You and Wendy. :) So nice to have people commenting on it now. Just a month ago, I had no visitors!

    Without giving anything away since it is a spoiler.. were you surprised by the ending to Remains of the Dead? The last couple pages..I think you'll know what I mean. LOL I was surprised but I kind of guessed something wasnt right so I kind of could sense it.

  3. It's my pleasure, especially with you reading so many of the same books I'm always curious to see what you think of them as well. :)

    That was such an amazing twist! I was really impressed, because I never caught on before the end and even when I thought back through it there was nothing that could have prepared me for it.

  4. Ooh, I see Ghost Busters on the front...I'm already liking it! Review was great! Might have to check this one out for myself.

  5. Thanks T.C.! It's a fun book! Come back here often! :)

    Kimberly, there was a clue that I picked up on but not until I finished with the book. I thought it was a great twist too. :)

  6. I want to read this book! it sounds awesome - great review, Rachael! :)

  7. Just finished the book last night. Thought it was great! Glad to see I wasn't the only one who was surprised by the ending :)

  8. HI Lis!
    Yeah I was pretty surprised with the ending. It felt like it came out of nowhere but I did see a clue throughout the book. Without giving anything away for other people..I will say she said the person ''popped in'' alot. That was the clue.


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