Still reading Darkling

I'm stil reading Darkling. I haven't read much at all lately with being so busy with the holidays! I hope to read some more today. Almost a week of reading a book is a long time for me! I need my reading mojo back!! I'm really tired from Christmas. My fiance and I got up really early and had to run around to two different houses to celebrate the holiday. Luckily we made it everywhere in time. We ate way too much though at my mom's house and I still feel full. My TBR (to be reviewed, not to be read, lol) pile is growing and growing so I must start reading again.

What are you reading?



    I mean...HAHAHHA!

    (I don't know what's the point of this comment, I'll stop now, LOL!)

    Oh! I'm reading Demon's Kiss! :)

  2. Ha ha ha! Wendy, be a dear and give it back. :D

    I haven't had much time to read lately, either. I haven't even started the one I'm currently reading (does that make sense?), which is I Am Legend by Richard Matheson.

  3. Sounds like a busy time you had, but hopefully a great day. :) You'll get back into the reading in no time! I'm just getting ready to start reading Twist by Colby Hodge.

  4. Yeah...moving from one town to another keeps you on your toes. :D Once I start settling in to my new place, I'll get back into my reading groove. Even more so with my books not secured inside a box. :P

  5. Hey everyone! Didn't even check back to look at comments, idiot that I am! LOL Wendy, OMG YAY!! I hope you like Demon's Kiss. That was my first paranormal so it's special to me. Loved it.

    TC have you seen the movie alredy for I Am Legend, or do you want to read the book first? I havent read or seen the movie but I want to.

    Hi Kimberly! Is Twist a YA novel? Sounds familiar. I need to look it up.

    Yes Wendy you DID still my reading mojo! Sometimes some books just drag and slow you down. Or they're complicated and it slows you down. I am almost done with Darkling. Very surprised by how much I ended up liking this book!

    Kimberly it SLIGHTLY reminds me of Jennifer Rardin's books. Do you think so too? Just some things in it are similar like all the action and stuff.

  6. Oh and Kimberly I know you havent read Darkling yet. I meant some the author's writing in the previous books that you did read remind you of Jennifer Rardin's books a little.

  7. t.c. I just gave it back to her..for now! heheh

    Rachael - Demon's Kiss was awesome, I can't wait for the Demon's Hunger! glad you're almost done with Darkling! and that you like it, can't wait to read your review!

  8. I didnt even know there was another book coming out called Demon's Hunger. Cool! :)

  9. Twist isn't a YA title. It's from the Shomi line, and so far I've really enjoyed each one I've had the chance to read.

    I read those first two quite a while ago (seems like it anyway...lol) but each story is focused on one of the sisters, right? I'll have to get Darkling and see. :)

  10. Hi Kimberly!

    Oh ok I thought Twist was YA for some reason.

    I didnt know each book features a sister!! Very cool!! Menolly was a great narrator. I really enjoyed it.

  11. This was my first book by Yasmine so I didnt know.

  12. You'll have to add the first two to your wish list for when you find time. *snicker*


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