Book Sales, Purse Sales, and Expensive Breakfasts, Oh My!

Well I went out for breakfast with Raymond when he FINALLY got up. We stopped off at the library so I can see their sale books. I got a couple hardcovers for only $1 each. I got:

Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson
Hide by Lisa Gardner
Now and Then by Robert Parker (I think that's the title)

And two books for my new friend Carolyn that made me think of her. :)

They had tons of great books at the sale! The only thing is, I am very picky about the condition of my books. Some of them were stained or bent or yellow and I put those back. I only bought new condition books. Well Hide is a former library copy but all the other ones are new. I'm so happy I got Sweet Revenge for $1. To think I was going to buy it at full price when it first came out! It pays to wait a little while.

I didnt read yet today! AHH I know! I didnt clean or do laundry either. LOL

Oh and then we went to Target. A Greatland Target which is like a HUGE one. We dont have many of them around here. This one was like 40 minutes away and it was BIGGGG. I needed a new purse because my eyeliner got lose in my purse and crayoned it all up! Plus it's 2 yrs old and I needed a new one anyway.

So I got a Issaic Mizrahi black tote purse for $40. It's GORGEOUS and leather and black and I love it. Then in the discount section I got a tan purse that's a nice normal size. Not oversized like mine. I gave it to my friend for Valentine's Day early. LOL Then I got a dark brown one just like it and a small blue glittery one with brown straps and outline. The two bigger ones were $40 marked down to $10! The small blue one was $30 marked down to $7! Great deals. I was drooling in the purse aisles! If there's a Target by you, check out their purse section cause this seems to be discounted everywhere cause I saw the sales online too. Awesome sales!

So that's about it. Then we came home. Oh did I mention that the breakfast place we go to is EXTREMELY over priced and it cost like $30 for breakfast for two? The only reason we go there is cause the library sale is right next to it. So I sacrificed a cheap breakfast for cheap books. LOL


  1. Purses are my one TRUE vice. I LOVE the things and have far too many, but I still think I need more :) In fact, after reading that you got a new purse, I think I need a new one *g*

    Sounds like a fun time! Thanks for entering our FAB contest. We LURVE our FAB authors!

  2. Hi Charity!
    I love the contests you guys run on your blog! :)

  3. Okay, the small blue glittery purse sounds beautiful. Target rocks. Target started in Minneapolis, so we have tons of them. They are different in different neighborhoods.

    Your day sounds like the perfect Saturday, and I am very impressed with Raymond's shopping patience. Sounds like a keeper. (Raymond AND the purse!)

  4. Sounds like a lovely day Rachael, and now I will have to check-out Target's purses. *sigh* :)

  5. Target! Purses! I am jealous. LOL.


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