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If you've been sick or busy like me, then you've missed out on some contests lately. I know I've missed on quite a few because I forgot to enter. One of my FAVORITE blogs is having a contest to win a signed copy of Seeing Me Naked by Liza Palmer. She is the same author who wrote Conversations with a Fat Girl. All you have to do to enter is go to this thread on Dee and Dee's blog.

Post a picture of the book cover on your blog with the back cover copy like I am doing on here. Link back to the contest and post on that thread on Dee and Dee Dish's blog saying you posted on your blog about the contest. Here is the fabulous cover of the book and the back cover copy below. Also Dee and Dee have an interview and review of the book on their blog so make sure to check it out. They run awesome contests and I love their site so much.

Please let Dee and Dee know that RachaelfromNJ sent you when entering the contest, I really appreciate it.

Seeing Me Naked by Liza Palmer

Back Cover Copy:

Elisabeth Page has big shoes to fill. She's the daughter of a living legend, novelist Ben Page, and is the sister of literary wunderkind Rascal Page. But her career as a pastry chef is decidedly not up to her family's snooty standards - even though she works at the hottest restaurant in LA - and her five year plan to own a patisserie has morphed into an eleven year plan to nowhere. Also frozen in time is Elisabeth's personal life: She's still involved with Will, her family-approved childhood sweetheart, a journalist whose constant jaunts leave her lonely. Enter an exciting career opportunity and, even more terrifying, Daniel Sullivan, a beer-drinking basketball coach who is everything her family is not. Can Elisabeth, who's addicted to control and bred to criticize, finally embrace happiness? Only if she has the guts to let others see her naked... and let them love her, warts and all.

Buy Seeing Me Naked here

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