Once Smitten Twice Shy Review

Tish Gallagher is a wedding videographer with the bad habit of a shopping addiction. It doesn’t matter if she has no money to eat because she will still spend whatever she has on a pair of shoes. If Tish can’t afford the shoes, then she charges them and deals with the repercussions of maxed out cards later on.

Tish was once happily married to a man named Shane Tremont but her constant spending led them to divorce. Shane currently works for the Secret Service as a body guard to the President’s daughter Elysee. Elysee has been engaged three times and hasn’t had any luck in finding true love. She thinks Shane is the man for her after he saves her life in a freak accident. Unfortunately, Shane isn’t sure he feels the same about Elysee. He still has feelings for his ex wife Tish and she still loves him too.

Things move at a rapid pace between Shane and Elysee and they end up engaged. Shane isn’t sure that he really wants to marry Elysee but he goes through with it anyway. What he wasn’t expecting was for Elysee to hire his ex wife Tish as the videographer for their wedding!

Tish makes a wish on a magic wedding veil to get out of debt and her wish is answered when the President’s daughter calls her with a job offer. Tish has no idea that Elysee is engaged to her ex husband Shane and she’s in for a huge surprise when she finds out. How will Tish and Shane deal with their feelings for each other? Will Shane go through with the wedding or will he leave Elysee at the altar for Tish?

ONCE SMITTEN, TWICE SHY is a romantic story about soul mates and listening to your heart when it comes to love. The story had suspense, humor, romance and even a touch of magic that made this book a very enjoyable read. This was my first book by Lori Wilde and I look forward to reading her previous novels.

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  1. Aw, it sounds great! Right now I'm reading quite a dark book, I need to read something light after this!


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