Hex Education Review

Sophie Stone is fourteen years old and doesn’t want to move out of her hometown in LA. She’s leaving all of her friends behind and has to start all over in a new school and new town. Mythic, Massachusetts is known for its history of witches who lived there centuries ago. The whole town is odd and Sophie is reluctant to be there.

Sophie’s parents are rather eccentric and she is constantly embarrassed to be known as their daughter. Her father, Spookie Stone, is a famous horror filmmaker and her mother is just as unusual. Sophie takes pride that she is so normal and not gothic like her parents. That is until Sophie finds out she isn’t so different after all.

Sophie befriends a group of girls who are popular and have a great sense of style. She immediately feels drawn to them as they are to her. While Sophie pursues Linc, a popular bad boy at her school, his pseudo girl friend Corey, attempts to put a stop to their romance. Sophie also becomes friends with a nerd named Paul who her new friends gravely dislike.

Sophie starts to realize that strange things happen when she becomes upset. Glass shatters, the weather changes, and she can even do unusual things if she puts her mind to it. One of Sophie’s teachers gives her a mysterious rule book that goes blank when she tries to read it and then has her name in it. What is this book? Why is she the only person who is unable to read it?

Sophie finds out that her new friends and herself have a lot in common, specifically that they are witches who need to save the town from a dangerous witch. But without knowing who the evil person is, they are unable to put a stop to the dangerous storms and destruction that this person is causing. Will the girls be able to save the town and learn more about their powers or will the evil witch succeed in their mission of causing complete chaos?

HEX EDUCATION is an enchanting and charming story that I read in one sitting. It’s a really fun book for all ages, not just teenagers. I am an adult and I absolutely loved this book. HEX EDUCATION is pure reading enjoyment. I love books about magic and witches so this one was a joy to read. I could see this book becoming a movie. I hope this dynamic duo of Gould and Jaffery turns this into a series because I would love to read more about these characters!


  1. This sounds wonderful! Looking it up right now!

  2. I agree, this sounds like a fun read. I love that title, too. Wow, would I ever have loved to be able to go around shattering things with my anger when I was in high school!

  3. I love YA, and I love magic, so this sounds really good. I've read mixed reviews on it, but I think after reading this one I have to have the book. Thanks for the review!


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