Reading Faster Advice!!

I have a question for fast readers out there... what is your secret to reading so fast? If you aren't enjoying a book do you keep on reading it or skim read? How do you read a book a day?? Any advice out there on how I can get through my review pile quicker? Wendy suggested that I read one that I'd like to read, then one less interesting, then another good one, then a less interesting one again. She thinks it will help me speed it up a bit. I've been kind of slow lately because alot of the books I've been reading haven't been that good, as you can tell by my negative reviews. I know I need to turn off the TV so I can read more, but now with working I am so tired with less and less time to read. GIVE ME YOUR READING TIPS PLEASE!!!


  1. If I'm not liking a book, I stop reading it. My way of thinking is - I have barely enough time to read, why should I waste my time reading a book I'm not liking? Just doesn't make sense. It's different if you're reviewing, I guess.

    Also you know what I told you last night? About reading one you're liking, then one you're not, etc - well I do that and most of the time it works.

    The only reading advice I can give is that if you're reading a book you're not liking, it'll take you ages to finish it, because you start finding other things to do instead of reading, you know? BUT if you're reading one you're really liking, then you'll read it that much faster because you're interested in what happens, etc.

  2. I agree with Wendy - I don't read it if I'm not interested. As for review books, I try to grin and bear it, but if my interest is just not there, I usually stop where I'm at and reference the part of the book I had read. And honesty is key - if you couldn't finish it out of boredom, just say that. But in the review, highlight the things you liked as well. A nice balance is essential. :)

  3. If a book is dragging along for me (and more often it's because it just isn't my cup of tea, it's not that it's a poorly written book), then I set it to the side while I read the next book and usually I can go back to it after that. If you're able to read more than one book at a time then read something you'll really like while you're taking breaks from the one that's slow going. I had to laugh when Wendy said that you'll start finding other things to do instead of reading...that is totally me and it's such a bad habit. lol


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