My friend Wendy has an awesome contest on her blog for a giveaway of Jennifer Rardin's newest book Biting the Bullet!! Visit Wendy's blog and post to enter her contest. This is book three in Jennifer Rardin's FABULOUS series. I read books one and two and absolutely loved them! Don't miss out on these books!!!
Tell Wendy I sent you!


  1. Rachaeeeeeeeeel! thanks for the shout-out!

    How's your day going? OMG, you will NOT believe mine! I was REJECTED! yeah, no pregnant woman wanted a student in her delivery so I spent a lot of time in the assessment room, break room and a bit in the nursery.

    I saw a nurse put in an IV line on this little baby boy who was covered in tubes because he had fetal distress - it was so sad!! So I spent some time with him, trying to entertain him and stuff.

    Also assisted a NP with an IV for a preg. woman, that was great. Saw an ultrasound - WHERE'S THE HEAD?! LOL Seriously, I couldn't distinguish anything at all!

    And the most disgusting thing - this chick had chronic constipation and she had so much feces STUCK there that when the NP tried to do a vag exam, she couldn't go through to the cervix!!

    Eeeewwwww, lol!

    Anyhoo, today kinda sucked, I feel really rejected. :( Hope you had a much better day!

  2. I recently won this from the author and she actually personalized an autograph in it for me! That whole series is incredibly awesome.


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