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Historical romance author Elizabeth Hoyt has a new contemporary romance novel written under the name Julia Harper. The first book is called HOT and it definitely lives up to its title. Romance, mystery, action, and excitement make HOT a winner.

Turner Hastings is the local librarian and also works as a bank teller at The First Wisconsin Bank of Winosha. When two men hold up the bank wearing SpongeBob Squarepants and Yoda masks, she sees an opportunity. During the commotion, Turner steals the bank manager’s safety deposit key and takes the contents of the box. She knows her actions are caught on tape but she doesn’t care. Turner even smiles for the camera. Turner goes on the run from the cops and the FBI while she investigates her own private case, the reason for her actions.

FBI Special Agent John MacKinnon is assigned to Turner’s case and is the man in charge of bringing her down. When he sees her on the security tape, he is immediately smitten by her conservative looks and is curious about this mysterious woman.

After finding Turner’s cell phone number, John gives her a call to try to convince her to turn herself in. Surprisingly, one little phone call turns into a telephone relationship that puts John in an awkward position. John is starting to develop feelings for the woman that he is supposed to be hunting down to arrest. Will John help and assist Turner or will he do his job and arrest her?

HOT is a delightfully fun romance novel that is packed full of suspense, mystery and non stop action. The romance scenes were sexy, the writing is compelling, and the storyline is fun. I thoroughly enjoyed reading HOT and look forward to reading another book by Julia Harper.


  1. I am notorious for my dislike of the historical author (no matter how well they write that genre) turning to contemp. However, this book looks like something I need to read. The plus is that I haven't read this author in the historical format, so that may help. I really wish I hadn't just placed my Amazon order for the week :/

  2. Hey Chari Dee!
    I dislike historical romance, I never read it. Luckily I didnt know that this book was by a historical author when picking it up. It's a really fun book and you would never know that she's normally a historical author. Loved it!

    What did you order from Amazon? :)

  3. By the way, so cool that you have your picture up!! :)

  4. Hey Rachael, thanks for the props on the pic. Since I left d&D my personal profile is all I have left, so ya have to look at my ugly mug LOL!

    I actually LIKE historicals (OK, some of them) but whenever an author tries to switch from historical to contemporary, I have a hard time digging the book. You can see some examples here - http://deeanddeedish.blogspot.com/2006/11/everythings-coming-up-rosie.html
    and here - http://deeanddeedish.blogspot.com/2006/11/hot-dish-connie-brockway.html
    (I need to move these reviews off of that site, sadly I won't be granted permission).

    But, this book just sounds really good! I already put it in my cart for the next order.

    I ordered Kim Harrison's newest, Lani Diane Rich's newest, the second book in Victoria Laurie's Ghoul series, and the second book in Wendy Roberts Ghost Duster series (the first book had major problems but it's a promising series so I'm giving the next one a try).

  5. This blog is giving me problems tonight. I just lost my whole post! LOL

    Charity what is the title of the Wendy Roberts book that you ordered? The reason I ask is because there isn't a second book in the new series out. The only other book she has out is Dating Can Be Deadly and that's not part of the Ghost Dusters series.

    Also I emailed you at the Dee and Dee email address..

  6. ACK!!!! You're right! I THOUGHT I was ordering the 2nd in the series, but it isn't out until Dec! I ordered DATING CAN BE DEADLY! OY! That'll teach me to open the Coors after the kids are in bed and hit "Order!"

    Have you read REMAINS? Never mind, I see you have. Wanna do a dbl review? I want to talk about this one, I just haven't written up my thoughts yet. But there were things that intrigued me yet bothered me? KWIM?

    Will check other addy in a bit!~

  7. Hey Charity
    My friend read Wendy Robert's first book, Dating Can Be Deadly, and loved it. I had some problems too with the ending to Remains of the Dead. It's hard to talk about it without spoiling the book for other people so I am careful with what I say. It's been a while since I read the book now so I don't know if it is fresh enough in my mind to talk about it that much, but I do remember the ending. That stuck with me. Hmm, what does that say? LOL It was a short book and a quick easy read. I'm going to go back and look at my review now because I can't remember what I said about it.

  8. Wow, that's a while ago. Ok so I reviewed it in December. 3 months ago. http://booklover07202.blogspot.com/2007/12/remains-of-dead-review.html

    I guess I liked it alot according to my review. I said I read it all in one day. I remember being conflicted about the ending. At first I thought it was genious but then I felt kind of fooled. Sure, I'd like to discuss it with you Charity on your blog. Double Review or whatever it's called. :)

  9. Well, I haven't read any of Hoyt's books but this one sounds good so I look forward to reading it. :)

    And chari-dee, you are so puuuurdy! lol.


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