Richelle Mead has released the cover for Georgina Kincaid book 3, Succubus Dreams. This book is due out October 2008. I haven't read any of her books yet but I am dying to try them. I like this cover but I don't like the way her back looks in it, a little too thin. And her face looks a little weird, like she's either a vampire or high on something.

For some reason, I don't like covers that show the character's face on them. I perfer the cover to have the person's back to me or something. I like to picture the characters myself so that's one reason I don't like to see faces. BUT with that said, I do like the city backround of the picture, I just don't think the girl looks that good in this picture.

What do you think? Have you read Richelle Mead's books? What series by her do you like the most?

I have Vampire Academy and Succubus Blues in my To Be Read pile, but unfortunately my To Be Reviewed Pile is in need to be read first. I hope to read her books soon because they sound so good! Richelle Mead has red hair, so I thought it interesting that the girl on the cover has red hair too...


  1. Well. They're certainly that little "sex sells' bit rather far. Eh, it's okay, definitely flashy, I like her dress and the city background.

    I read the first book of her Succubus series, I don't know if I'll read the second although I didn't not like the first one.

  2. I loved Succubus Blues, but I haven't gotten or read the second, though I will. Her character does have red hair, but shit, she must have really changed, becuase in the first book, that character totally wouldn't wear a dress like that. I agree, there is something skewed about her body.

    A good character face on a book helps me, but if the character looks screwed up, it hurts my read. I loved the Demon Night cover. That really worked for me.

  3. Actually, I might be wrong about the red hair on Succubus. The covers always have that, though.


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