New books!!

I went to B&N today and bought all these books with my giftcards from Christmas. The first book I bought was Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. These are the books that started it all for the Showtime Series. I'm crossing my fingers that the books are as good as the TV show.

I bought the Karen Chance books because I've heard alot about them and would love to try them. The covers are gorgeous and they just sound really good.

I bought this book because of course I wanted both books 1 and 2. Couldn't just get one could I? LOL

I bought the Patricia Briggs book because I've heard that they're excellent so I am lining them up on my shelves to read them. I have the first two books and I believe this is number 3. Alot of people rave about them so I have to try out her books.

The Ilona Andrews book I bought was because Wendy raved about how wonderful her books are so I wanted to try them. Unfortunately the second book isn't out yet so I could only get book one. But that's a good place to start.

I feel silly buying books when I have SO many already and haven't even touched my TBR pile in so long. I think once tax season finishes, I am going to try to cut back on all the reviewing or I will never get to read everything I have. It's hard to say no to free books though and I have ZERO self control! What does everyone think of the books I bought? Tell me how wonderful these authors are so you can excite me into reading them! :)


  1. Your new books ROCK! I can't wait to see if you like them! You know, I really can't believe you haven't read Briggs by now. Woman, what are you waiting for?!! LOL.

    Yeah, I bet you have a LONG TBR pile and adding the ones I'll be sending you, it'll get longer, LOL.

    So ok, Chance - very detailed, good story.

    Briggs - Freakin' amazing.

    Andrews - Amazing, as well.


    BTW, I'm really liking Dexter, he's so cute and creepy! Love the cover.

  2. Hey Wendy! I knew you'd be excited that I got those books since you've been talking about them too. I actually went to the bookstore mostly for Ilona Andrews' book since you raved about it. But I forgot it's not out yet. LOL So I got book one.

    I am dying to read Briggs but I am SOOOOOOOOOOO late on all my review books so I can't yet. :(

    I know you must think I am nuts, trading more books when I haven't touched the others yet. But it's so much fun to trade and have a nice pile to look foward to.

  3. Wendy when you said you're liking Dexter, did you mean the TV show? Or did you just mean you like the cover..

  4. Rachael, yes you are nuts, LOL! But seriously, it is fun trading so I'm all for it. :)

    I meant the TV show! I've been watching it and really liking it but the cover is really awesome too! Especially the hand, heheh.

  5. I read part of the Karen Chance, and I wasn't so excited about it. But hopefully you'll like it better.

    HOWEVER, M & I are watching Dexter that you recommended and are LOVING it. Great idea! What a crazy show!

  6. I liked the show Dexter better then the actual books but hey I just think Michael Hall is cute and sexy as hell when planning a serial killer... I wonder what that says about me?
    Anywho I have the others the only one I have read is Ilona Andrews and I LOVED IT! Hope you do too!

  7. Wendy and Carolyn:
    I am so glad you guys are loving Dexter! Wendy, I wish you saw the uncensored version since I wonder what they are taking out besides cursing from the TV version. But I am sure it's just as good. And it's free on regular TV so that's good.

    Carolyn, I'm kind of bummed to hear you didnt like Karen Chance's books but I am sure I'll like them since alot of people have said she's good. I hope I like!

    Hi Sarai! That's cool that you've read the Dexter books! I'm sure the show is better but I am curious to see what the books are like. Luckily, I only bought one so if it sucks then I am not dissapointed. I wish my library had them but I only saw the newest one last time I looked online.

  8. They didn't suck at all they follow the show pretty close but the show has a few twists. I did like them I just prefer Michal Hall and watching him act. He's good!


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