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NOT QUITE A MOM is the newest book by Kirsten Sawyer, author of NOT QUITE A BRIDE. In this story, we are introduced to Elizabeth Castle. Elizabeth works in LA as a fact checker on a tabloid TV show. She loves her job but wishes she had her own TV show or something more then just spouting out Jennifer Aniston’s true hair color and the weight of the latest anorexic celebrity.

Elizabeth left her hometown of Victory, California and never looked back since. She isn’t necessarily proud of the small hick-like town she grew up in. She hasn’t returned to Victory to visit any of her old friends or even her own parents. But fate has its own ideas on how to pull Elizabeth back home.

On the same night that Elizabeth becomes engaged to her long time boyfriend Dan, she receives a call from her old prom date Buck Platner. Buck is a lawyer back home in Victory and has some bad news for Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s old best friend from high school, Charla Dearbourne, has died in an accident along with her husband. Buck informs Elizabeth that Charla’s will appointed her the guardian of the child, Tiffany, and he needs her to look over and sign the papers to finalize the guardianship.

Unfortunately, a fifteen year old girl isn’t exactly in Elizabeth’s life’s plan. So instead of doing the right thing and handling the situation, Elizabeth decides to unplug her phone and avoid talking to Buck about the orphaned teenager.

Buck Platner has harbored feelings for Elizabeth ever since their high school prom. He feels that Elizabeth is his one and only true love and the one that got away. Buck hopes that he can win a second chance with Elizabeth when she returns to Victory to meet with him about Tiffany. Unfortunately, Elizabeth is avoiding talking to Buck and is newly engaged. How will Buck win Elizabeth over if she is already taken by another man?

NOT QUITE A MOM is a contemporary romance that moves along at a fast pace with hilarious ‘’get your man back scheming’’, ‘’what is the right thing to do’’ situations, a love triangle, and a touch of pop references that will put a smile on your face.

I was reluctant to like the main character Elizabeth Castle after the way her character acted throughout the story. The characterization of her was done very well because she is vividly real and acts like a real person, flaws and all. I enjoyed this story but I did have several problems with it. I didn’t feel like Elizabeth’s character was ever redeemed of her heartless ways. Even though there are scenes where she is supposed to have changed, it just wasn’t believable to me. Also the ending was too abrupt and left me unsatisfied.

However, I did enjoy this book despite the small nuances that I had with this story. Sawyer’s writing is personable and keeps the reader interested. I look forward to her next novel with the hopes of another fantastic story.

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  1. Love the review! :)

    I can't believe she unplugged her phone - sheesh, that's just immature.


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