Away due to illness

Hello my blogger friendsDue to having a 101 fever and being sick with what I think is the flu, I haven't been online lately. I have been out of work and just laying in my bed whimpering like a sick dog. I haven't been reading much and I just feel crappy overall. I will be back when I feel better....

NOTE: I had to edit this to get rid of a odd link that someone posted in here. If someone posts links in my comments, do not click on them. They are usually viruses. I made some changes to help prevent this again. I put word verification on and no longer allow anonymous comments. This person has a google account so I don't understand how they do this and I am too sick to investigate.


  1. Oh, Rachael, so sorry you're sick!!! I hope you get well soon.

  2. I'm sorry! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hi guys! I am still sick but doing a bit better. Thanks for all the well wishes!


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