Revenge Tango Review

REVENGE TANGO is the second book in the Nicholas Esperanza thriller series by Jerry A. Rodriguez. Nicolas Esperanza, ex Homicide Detective, is shook up since his last meeting with Mistress Devona Love. He is constantly watching his back and feels like he is being stalked by her. Things are rocky with him and his girlfriend Legs, since Esperanza has an unhealthy obsession with Devona. He loathes her and wants her dead, but at the same time the thought of her excites him.

Devona strikes when Esperanza’s guard is down and before he can stop her, she has kidnapped his girlfriend Legs. Devona takes Legs to an unknown location and Esperanza is at a loss on how to rescue her. When Devona contacts Esperanza she informs him that he will be working for her. Someone has a hit out on Devona and she wants Esperanza to kill them. If Esperanza finds the people hunting Devona, and kills them, she will let Legs go. But without knowing who the hit men are, he has a lot of dangerous work to do.

Esperanza desperately tries to save Legs before her time is up. Will Esperanza be able to outsmart Devona at her own game and rescue Legs? Or will Esperanza’s plan backfire and make him yet another victim in this sick and twisted game?

REVENGE TANGO is a thrilling, gritty, and erotic story that is exciting from start to finish. There is S&M, harsh language and violence in this book, so cozy readers beware. My only complaint is that readers who are new to this series may be lost for background information on events from the previous book Devil’s Mambo.

However, I greatly enjoyed this thrilling mystery. The characters are well developed and the story kept me guessing and intrigued. REVENGE TANGO is a roller coaster ride with twists and turns from the very beginning. I would recommend this book to thriller readers who enjoy grittiness and erotica mixed in with their thrillers.


  1. Great review! I'm a bit intrigued about this one, although I'm also wary of the S&M, I might try it though. :)

  2. I have to agree with Wendy, it sounds intriguing. Is the S&M a large part of the story? So good to see your reviews again Rachael! :)

  3. Hey Kimberly
    Thanks, I am glad that I am doing a little better with the reviewing. The S&M isnt really a large part but it's there enough that I felt it should be said. It's not that violent. It's more sex then violence.

  4. Ooh, this sounds quite good. It makes me realize, I haven't read a book by a man in ages.


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