The Road to Hell Review

Ride alongside sexy ex- Succubus Jesse through Hell and back…

Jesse Harris was once a soul stealing succubus named Jezebel, but now she is a living, breathing, mortal. Jesse works as an exotic dancer and is in a serious relationship with an undercover cop named Paul Hamilton. Paul has no idea that Jesse used to be a demon in Hell. Jesse doesn’t plan on sharing her secret with Paul, but when her old life keeps showing up, she doesn’t have much of a choice.

When Jesse was Jezebel she used to have sex with tons of men and then she would suck out their souls. One of her favorite demon sex partners was a sexy Incubus named Daunuan. Daunuan hasn’t forgotten about his lusty Succubus and refuses to give up their sex life together. One touch from Daunuan and Jesse is completely seduced. How will she keep her boyfriend when her old lover won’t let her move on?

Every time Jesse turns around, someone from the Underworld is in her bathroom, trying to convince her to return to Hell and her old ways as a Succubus. Jesse is happy as a human and doesn’t want to return, no matter how much Daunuan and everyone else tempts her into going back. Will Daunuan accept Jesse’s decision or will he trick her back into her old ways?
Paul is completely in love with Jesse and blissfully ignorant about what she used to be. How will Paul react if he finds out the truth about Jesse?

THE ROAD TO HELL is a thrill ride of excitement, sexiness, suspense, adventure, romance and fantasy. I inhaled and devoured this book in two sittings. Jackie Kessler writes with such a vivid imagination for fantasy and details. I could see, smell, and taste every word and action in this story. The characters are unique and all very different from each other. I absolutely loved this book and I am hungry for more.

THE ROAD TO HELL is an excellent urban fantasy/ paranormal romance story that will delight fantasy readers. There is really nothing bad to say about this book. I loved every page, every word. I eagerly look forward to the next book in this series, Hotter than Hell.


  1. Yet again, it has happened another author slipped through the cracks. Gawd sometimes I think I will never catch up...

  2. As for this book, I would hand sell it myself if I could! It's that good. There is a book before this called Helle's Belles which I hadn't read before hand but it didnt bother anything really that I hadn't. I've heard that alot of people weren't as thrilled with her first book as the second. But without a doubt, this one was fantastic. :)

  3. Check it out! Thanks for the great review. As you know, I read the first and liked it. Some of my favorite moments were the Daun moments. In fact, my favorite parts of the whole book were the Daun parts - super hot!

    Glad to see Daun is around here. But oh, no, is he getting the boot? Guess I'll have to find out.

  4. Daun is NOT getting the boot! :) He has his own book coming out soon called Hotter Than Hell!!!

  5. Hey -- thanks for the review!


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