Dragon Wytch Review

Dragon Wytch is the fourth book in Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld Series featuring the D’Artigo Sisters. The three sisters work as operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency but live Earthside. Menolly is a vampire, Delilah shape-shifts into a tabby cat when she’s upset, and the third sister and narrator of this story, Camille, is a witch whose spells sometimes don’t work out quite right. The three sisters are half human and half-Faerie which makes them rather unique.

Centuries ago, there was a battle that resulted in Earthside and the Other World being separated into two different worlds. But something dangerous is going on since goblins, trolls and a unicorn are loose Earthside in Seattle. Camille receives a visit from a unicorn who happens to be a prince in the Otherworld. The unicorn has a special gift for Camille that must be treasured and kept safe from the people who are after it. Will Camille be able to properly use this new found magical gift?

Camille made a pact with a sexy dragon named Smokey and he has come to collect his prize. Camille must stay with Smokey for a week and he will do whatever he likes with her. In the meantime, Camille’s lover Trillian is on a dangerous mission in the Otherworld and her second lover Morio is worried about Camille being around Smokey.

Smokey becomes useful to the sisters while fighting demons and trolls Earthside. The human cops are getting killed trying to fight trolls and everything is run amok in the world. Will the D’Artigo Sisters be able to keep Earthside safe from demons and whatever else decides to cross the portal and reek destruction on their world?

Dragon Wytch is a thrilling, exciting and suspenseful new installment in this urban fantasy series. There are demons, trolls, vampires, faeries, elves, gargoyles, dragons, shape shifters and every kind of supernatural creature that you could think of in this book. Every page of Dragon Wytch sizzles with action, adventure, and magic. Yasmine Galenorn has cast a spell on me with her books!


  1. I just bought the first book in this series today. I've been meaning to read it for a while, not only because it is set in Seattle but because I've heard good things. I'm glad to see that her series is continuing - it's a good sign!

  2. Hi Ciara!
    I started reading this series with Darkling last year but I havent had the chance to read the first two books yet. I would definetely read them in order if I was you. I'm sure it will be even more enjoyable that way.

    And if you like Yasmine's books...I would DEFINETELY recommend two other authors to you...Jackie Kessler and Jennifer Rardin.

    Thanks for coming by. :) Visit often!

  3. Oh and this series is definetely continuing. In the back of Dragon Wytch they mention the next book will be called Death Maiden. So there will be plenty of books from Yasmine to look foward to. :)


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