Lady and the Vamp Review

A Wonderful Paranormal Romance with Plenty of Suspense and Action!!!

Janie Parker works as a supernatural assassin for the Boss from Hell. If an employee displeases The Boss, he kills them on the spot. Janie's latest mission is to retrieve a magical object called The Eye and bring it back to him. The Boss' seers had a vision of where they can find The Eye and that is by following a vampire and a werewolf to a diner. When Janie first spots the duo at the diner, she is shocked to see her childhood crush Michael Quinn, newly turned, but yet reluctant vampire.

Quinn is a former vampire hunter, who is now a vampire himself. He no longer hunts vampires but he doesn't want to be one either. Quinn was given a map to find The Eye from an old family friend. The Eye is known to grant one wish, once every millennium. Quinn wants to find it so he can wish to be human again. He is miserable as a vampire and doesn't want to drink blood or partake in the usual vampire practices.

Janie's job is to have Quinn lead her to The Eye and then steal it from him and give it to her boss. Unfortunately, the old familiar crush is still there and her feelings are interfering with her job. When Quinn realizes what Janie is after, there will be a fight to the finish to make sure she doesn't steal The Eye from him. This is his only chance to become human again and Quinn is not about to just hand over The Eye without a fight.

Janie has her own reasons for fighting so hard to find her prize. The Boss has claimed to know the whereabouts of her missing sister and will kill her if Janie doesn't do what he's asked. So when The Boss demands that Janie has to kill Quinn after finding The Eye, she is left with a heart breaking decision to make.

How can she kill the man who she's loved since she was a little girl? How can Janie choose between her own sister and Quinn? Will Janie and Quinn find The Eye or will sinister forces come in the way of their important mission?

LADY AND THE VAMP is a delectable treat from start to finish. The hunt to find the treasure was exciting and there was suspense on every page of this story. The romance and paranormal elements made this a joy to read. This is my first book by Michelle Rowan but I was able to follow the storyline without having read the previous books in the series.

I would highly recommend this book to paranormal romance readers who are looking for an exciting, suspenseful, and fun book to read. LADY AND THE VAMP is romantic, sweet, funny, and everything I could ask for in a story.


  1. Fabulous review, Rachael! So glad to hear you liked this one, I did too! :)

  2. Thanks Wendy! Yeah Michelle Rowan is definetely fantastic. I need to read all her other books now! :)

  3. My library doesn’t have it :( Brooding vampires are always hot lol sounds like a good book, great review!

  4. She's such a good author. :) Another great review Rachael!

  5. Hi Lady Tink!
    You can ask your library to order it or get it interlibrary loan. Usually Target and Walmart have the books for cheaper, like 10 or 20% off. Maybe try there. :)


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