Weddings Can Be Murder Review

Katie Ray is due to marry Joe Lyons in just two weeks. She can’t wait for her best friend Leslie to arrive from Boston to help her with the wedding. Everything is going great, until Katie gets a case of the nerves and flushes her $8,000 engagement ring down the toilet by accident. With the wedding just weeks away, Katie starts to wonder if it really is true love and meant to be. Does she really love Joe Lyons or is she just anxious to live the married life with just anyone?

Carl Hades is an ex cop, turned Private Investigator, since he was shot in the shoulder in a bust gone wrong. He’s still wounded over his ex girlfriend leaving him and the last thing he wants is a serious relationship.

Carl receives a call from a wedding planner named Tabitha Jones offering him a job. One by one brides are turning up dead and they all have something in common. Tabitha was their wedding planner and she suggested the same DJ, florist, photographer, and baker for all of the brides. Tabitha suspects that one of them is the killer, so she calls Carl to work the case since the police aren’t being very helpful.

When Tabitha ends up dead with Katie and Carl as the only witnesses, fate pushes the two of them together. Sparks immediately fly between Carl and Katie and destiny takes over. Maybe Joe isn’t the man for her after all. What will happen to Katie’s engagement to Joe? Will Carl fall for Katie and make her realize true love does exist? Will Katie go through with her wedding or cancel it?

Weddings Can Be Murder is a fun romantic suspense type story that kept me intrigued from start to finish. There is humor, romance, mystery, suspense, and a great storyline that will leave readers glued to the pages. I adored Christie Craig’s writing and enjoyed this story as much as her previous novel Divorced, Desperate and Delicious.

The romance scenes were sexy and I laughed out loud over several scenes in this story. If you want a sexy romance that will put a smile on your face, a Christie Craig book is the way to go! I highly recommend Weddings Can Be Murder to romance readers who enjoy a good mystery along with their romance.


  1. Nothing makes an author feel happier than knowing her readers "get" her stories.

    Thank you Rachael. You've made my day.


  2. You're welcome Christie! Great book!!

  3. Hey, Rachael! great job, this one sounds like a really good read! Didn't you send me of her books? I'm not sure and I'm too lazy to get up and check, lol!

  4. Hey Wendy
    Yea I sent you Divorced, Desperate and Delicious. :) Very good book! :)


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