Hotter Than Hell Review

Daunuan is The Prince of Lust and an Incubus with all the sexy charm he needs to make women melt. Daun’s job is to seduce evil people into sleeping with him and calling out his name so he can suck out their soul and bring it to hell. Daun was happy with the Succubus Jezebel, until she left her job in Hell, took on a mortal form and fell in love with a human. Jezebel wants Daun out of her life so she can live her happily ever after with her boyfriend Paul, so Daun is trying to move on and leave his former Succubus in his past.

The King of Lust offers Daun a task to complete with a reward for his hard work. The King wants Daun to befriend a woman named Virginia Reed, seduce her, and bring her soul to Hell. If Daun completes the mission successfully, he will be promoted to The First Principal of Lust which is second in line to the King. Unfortunately, Virginia resembles Jezebel and is an innocent marked for Heaven. Will Daun be able to seduce and steal the soul of an innocent woman or will his feelings get in the way of his job?

Meanwhile, demons are getting in the way of Daun’s mission and it’s starting to feel like they’re trying to sabotage him! Daun is trying to keep his identity as an Incubus a secret from Virginia, but all these demons popping up and trying to kill him in front of her is making it kind of hard. Daun just needs Virginia to willingly kiss him and then his magic will do the rest. But getting a kiss from her is going to be hard because she is living in a world of pain and misery and the last thing she wants to do is move on with a new man in her life. Daun doesn’t have a lot of time to seduce and kill Virginia and if he fails The King of Lust might kill him. Will Daun complete his mission and be promoted or will he fall in love and be killed for not doing his job properly?

Hotter Than Hell sizzles with fascinating mythology, sexy erotica, heart felt romance, nail biting suspense, a touch of magic, and lots of action and excitement. The writing in this story is an intense roller coaster ride of emotions. Daun’s feelings are reflected vividly with this story. He misses his Succubus Jezebel so much that he can’t help but visit her in different host’s bodies. She doesn’t know it’s him and he misses their connection together. But Daun just needs one more glimpse of her, one more touch. I found his obsession with Jezebel very interesting. At first it seemed like love but near the end of the story, it was definitely bordering on obsession. Hotter Than Hell blew me away and I absolutely loved this book. Jackie Kessler writes the kind of stories that grab you by the throat and doesn’t let you go until the last page is read.


  1. Oh, wow, great review. I loved Daun in Helles Belles! I totally have to get this!!!

  2. Hey Carolyn
    Thanks! I am addicted to Jackie's books now. She is so amazing. Such a great book.

  3. Sounds like a great read and I don't have it! :( Loved the review Rachael, definitely makes me want a copy of my own. :)

  4. Thank you so much for the review! I'm thrilled you enjoyed HOT.

  5. Hi Jackie!
    Hotter Then Hell was a fantastic book! Man. Loved it. :) Thanks for visiting my blog! :)




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