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Kimberly Quincy is five months pregnant and still working for the FBI as a Special Agent. She’s promised her husband Mac that she will try to be careful but there’s no denying the fact that her job is dangerous. Kimberly receives a call in the middle of the night requesting her presence at the police station.

A prostitute named Delilah Rose wants Kimberly to investigate a case for her. Delilah claims that all of her prostitute friends are going missing and she knows who’s killing them. But something about Delilah’s story is fishy and Kimberly doesn’t trust her. Kimberly says she will look into the case and gives Delilah her personal cell phone number.

Kimberly starts receiving disturbing phone calls that sound like a recording of someone being tortured and murdered. She starts investigating and finds out Delilah knows a lot more then she originally let on.

There is a serial killer on the loose and he’s been threatening Delilah for a number of years. The killer is abducting prostitutes and young boys and disposing of their bodies when he’s finished with them. His name isn’t known, his whereabouts are a mystery and there is no stopping this sadistic pedophile. Will Kimberly be able to catch the scariest killer yet or will she end up another victim in the killer’s web of horror?

SAY GOODBYE is a heart pounding, scary, disturbing thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat until its exciting conclusion. The serial killer is absolutely terrifying and any parent’s worst nightmare. He preys on children and has no remorse or conscience for his actions. This book is not for the light hearted, it is raw, gritty, and all too real. I was deeply disgusted at times by some of the scenes in the story, but that is what the author wanted. We should be enraged and angered by the real atrocities that are happening right here, next door to you.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it scared me out of my mind. The characters were real and I rooted for them to find the bad guy and put an end to his killing spree. The changing point of views at one point is kind of confusing but I think I have it sorted out. Lisa Gardner likes to make her readers think and she’s definitely done that with this electrifying new thriller. I have been an avid fan of Lisa Gardner’s for some time and she definitely never disappoints and blew me away with this new novel.

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Release date: July 15, 2008


  1. This does sound like a good one Rachael. I enjoyed your heartfelt review, and I can see that while the subject matter must be graphic and disturbing it's a well written story.


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