Eight in the Box Review

On the streets of Boston, one by one women are being murdered by a vicious serial killer, The Blood Bath Killer, who leaves nothing behind but a bathtub full of the victim’s blood. The bodies of the victims are missing from the crime scene and the police are wondering if the victims are still alive or not. The amount of blood in the tub leaves the police to assume the victims have been murdered and the killer is keeping the bodies as trophies.

Angel Alves is newly promoted as a Homicide Detective but he must still prove himself to his boss, Sergeant Wayne Mooney. Alves is working the Blood Bath Killer case alongside Mooney but he is also a husband and father and finds the unconventional work hours hard to juggle. Will Alves find the killer and make a name for himself as a top Homicide Detective?

Assistant DA Conrad Darget or Connie to his friends is working side by side with the police department hoping to find the serial killer. Connie is the district attorney that represents the office at all murder scenes so he has a privileged inside look at what is happening behind the scenes in the case. When he isn’t at the murder scenes, Connie is prosecuting in court and teaching his fellow peers how to become a successful prosecutor.

Will the Boston Police Department be able to solve the Blood Bath Killer case and put an end to his murderous spree or will things blow out of control when the killer decides to change his MO and anyone could be his next victim?

Eight in the Box is an outstanding, suspenseful, thrilling, debut novel by Yessayan. The chapters are short which makes for fast reading. The story is superbly plotted and there are numerous possibilities on who the killer could be. Every character is nicely developed and shines through the pages of this book. The suspense is relentless and I couldn’t put this book down. This is a truly fantastic thriller that I definitely recommend.


  1. Sounds like a rather chilling read. :)

  2. Oh this sounds good! And you know how I LOVE me a debut author! I've got to read this one!

  3. Ew gross! The premise sounds like it would make a good CSI episode though ;)


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