Happy Hour at Casa Dracula Review

Milagro De Los Santos aspires to live an enchanted life but it’s hard to write a best selling novel when your living quarters is a rat infested basement. For work, Milagro does sporadic jobs such as working as a reading consultant or sometimes gardening at a nursery.

While attending a party for her ex boyfriend Sebastian Beckett- Witherspoon, Milagro meets a mysterious man named Oswald Grant. When he offers to take her away from the festivities for a drink, she is quick to accept his offer. One thing leads to another and before she knows it, Milagro is accidently bitten by Oswald, a vampire.

Oswald’s family takes control of the situation and invites her to stay at their charming cottage estate. They promise to take care of Milagro until she is well and when faced with her other option, a rat infested basement, it doesn’t take long for her to accept the family’s kind offer. Oswald’s family isn’t your typical vampires and Milagro is fascinated by how different they are from what she imagined.

In the meantime, a dangerous organization knows about Milagro being bitten and wants to capture her. This would put the families secret in danger and that is the last thing Milagro wants to do. So she hides out at the estate and develops several relationships with the men there. But deep down, Milagro’s heart skips for one man, and that is Oswald, the man she can not have.

Will Milagro find her happily ever after with a man who will sweep her off her feet or will the organization find her and put an end to her time at the estate?

HAPPY HOUR AT CASA DRACULA is the first book in Marta Acosta’s series featuring the sultry Latina heroine Milagro De Los Santos. I enjoyed reading about Milagro and found her self deprecating humor amusing. The story kept my interest and flowed nicely with the first person narration. The descriptions of the cottage are so picturesque that I found myself wishing to be whisked away by vampires just to stay at such a lovely place!

However, paranormal readers be aware that this story reads more like a romance than a paranormal since the vampire aspect is minimal. There are vampires in this story but they aren’t what you would ordinarily picture. They live like regular people and do not fit your typical vampire stereotypes. I enjoyed this different take on vampires and applaud Marta Acosta for doing something unique with her series.

I will also be reading the next two books in this series, so I look forward to finding out more about these fascinating characters and where their lives will take them next. Overall, this was a captivating romantic story that kept me turning the pages long into the night.


  1. I absolutely adored all three of these books. Marta had warned me before reading it that it wasn't really a PR, so I knew going in. What amazed me was how well she pulled off the whole thing!

  2. Hi Charity
    I knew also but in case others didnt know, I was just letting them know too. I loved it too. :)

  3. Hey R, wasn't this a fun book? I need to get on that next one.


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