How to Ditch Your Fairy Review

HOW TO DITCH YOUR FAIRY is the newest YA book by the very talented Justine Larbalestier, author of the Magic or Madness Trilogy. The reader is introduced to the town of New Avalon, a place where everyone has their own fairy. Having the right kind of fairy at New Avalon Sports High School is very important because it can affect your entire high school experience.

Charlotte Adele Donna Seto Steele or just Charlie to her friends and family, is fourteen years old and has a parking fairy. Charlie doesn’t drive yet and finds her fairy to be completely annoying and useless. No matter where she is, or whose car she is in, her fairy always finds the closest and best parking spot around.

But all good things come with a downside. One of the guys at school has taken to kidnapping Charlie so she can help him get a good spot for his car. He doesn’t care what she’s doing; he will just snatch her up and throw her in his car so he can use her parking fairy. Charlie is tired of it and wants to be rid of her fairy for once and for all. Charlie decides if she walks everywhere and avoids all transportation, she will starve her fairy from having parking fun and it will eventually fade away and leave her.

In the mean time, the most popular girl in school, Fiorenza, is sick of all the attention she receives. Sure all the boys love her thanks to her fairy, but all the girls hate her! This includes Charlie since the new boy at school Stephan or Steffi to her, is following Fiorenza around like a love sick puppy. He seemed to like Charlie but because of Fiorenza’s fairy, he has no control over what he really thinks or feels about her anymore.

Charlie and Fiorenza form an unlikely friendship when they decide they will rid themselves of their fairies together. Fiorenza’s mom has a book about fairies but it’s hidden in a locked box. Fiorenza is positive the answer to ridding yourself of your fairy is within the pages of her mother’s book. So the two girls must work together to ditch their fairies. Will the girls successfully lose their fairies or will they end up with worse fairies then before?

HOW TO DITCH YOUR FAIRY is a funny and cute book that I thoroughly enjoyed. I adore Justine Larbalestier’s writing and will read anything she writes. This new book is a bit different from her Magic and Madness Trilogy as it’s not full of magic but it is still a fun read. The writing flows very well and I could see Young Adults and Adults both loving this book. Overall, HOW TO DITCH YOUR FAIRY is a fun read that left me with a smile on my face.


  1. What a cute plot! I usually don't read YA, but I found myself fascinated with this review. Nice work ferreting out those interesting books. Maybe a gift for the niece...

  2. Hey Carolyn!
    Thanks! It's not out till September maybe October. On Amazon it says September. It's a cute book though and I'm sure she'd like it. :)

  3. I have to read this! It sounds so cute, and I love YA. I also know of a young girl who would probably love it as well! Can't wait until it's released!

  4. Alright I have to check this out. GREAT REVIEW I would never had known about it otherwise.

  5. Hi Sarai!
    Thank you so much! It's really a cute book. :)


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