Black Out Review

Annie Powers is the mother to a four year old girl named Victory. She has a husband named Gray, a beautiful home on the beach in Florida, and all together is living a privileged life in her cozy neighborhood. But Annie wasn’t always Annie. She used to go by the name Ophelia March before she changed her name to hide from a vicious serial killer.

Ophelia lived a life of despair and poverty. After running away with a boy at only seventeen on a road trip, the horror she witnessed resulted in her suffering a mental breakdown. This is all in the past now since the boy is dead and everyone has moved on. If it wasn’t for Gray saving her, Annie doesn’t know what would have happened to her.

But after several sessions with her therapist, Annie starts to suffer another breakdown. She sees a man lurking on her property, a symbolic necklace on the beach, and becomes convinced the boy she knew as a child is back and out to get her. Annie’s memories of what is real and what isn’t are clouded in confusion because of her mental disorder. She doesn’t know if what she is seeing and feeling is real or simply a figment of her imagination.

When Annie’s fake identify is discovered and her daughter’s life is jeopardized, she realizes that she no longer has a choice in her own life. Someone has decided that Annie needs to remember everything and now, and they will kill to prove their point.

Black Out is psychological suspense at its finest. Nobody can be trusted, nothing is at it seems, and this leaves for a deadly story that will end in all of the secrets and lies being revealed, no matter how devastating they might be. I thoroughly enjoyed Black Out as it left me on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, waiting for the explosive conclusion. Overall, this is a five star thriller that I recommend to readers who enjoy a book that grabs them right away from the first sentence to the last.

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