Countdown Review

Kira Jordan and Rogan Ellis have nearly nothing in common. Kira is a small time petty thief who has been struggling on her own since her entire family was murdered when she was only fifteen years old. Rogan is a murderer who has been serving time for the last four years for a list of heinous crimes.

But somehow these two people have found themselves both handcuffed to a wall and waking up in a room without any recollection of how they got there. When the lights come on, a computer generated voice starts counting down from 60 seconds. There are no instructions but somehow Rogan knows that the key sitting in front of them is the other person’s key and that they must undo their handcuffs before the countdown reaches zero. If they don’t succeed Rogan says they will both die.

To make things even scarier, there are cranial implants drilled into both of their heads. If Kira and Rogan move more then 90 feet away from each other, they will both die. The implants are controlled by the people behind the scenes and they can use them to inflict pain on the two of them. Worst of all, they can’t run away because of the implants. Kira and Rogan must both do what they are told or they will end up dead.

Kira and Rogan are in for a terrifying ride as they are the unwilling contestants on a virtual reality show where they must complete all six levels of the tasks given to them to survive. But the people behind the game aren’t playing fair and Kira and Rogan start to wonder if they will make it out alive in the end.

COUNTDOWN is the first book by Michelle Rowen written under her pseudonym Michelle Maddox. I absolutely loved every page of this book from start to finish. COUNTDOWN left me breathless in suspense and physically unable to put it down! This book is a pure adrenaline ride and I had to read it almost all in one sitting. There is a ton of action that is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. COUNTDOWN is out in stores now, so run and get yourself a copy! This book is absolutely fabulous and if you are looking for some nail biting suspense, you will be very happy you picked this one up!


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