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Have you ever read a fantastic book, looked to see who published it and then looked for more books by that publisher in the future? Did you take notice of the publisher because you were hoping the other published books would be as great as the one you just read? Well let me tell you about a little line of books called SHOMI from Dorchester.

I reviewed and read Countdown by Michelle Maddox and Razorgirl by Marianne Mancusi. Both of those books are from the SHOMI line. What does that mean? Well SHOMI is just the publisher's name but they have a theme to all of the books they put out. Alot of them are futuristic and extrememly suspenseful and major page turners. So whenever I hear about a SHOMI book, I know what to expect and I know it's going to be a DAMN good book. I don't even read the summaries anymore. If it's by SHOMI, I want it!

So Book Binge has been spotlighting SHOMI books for the last week and hosting tons of giveaways. The latest contest is to win SEVEN SHOMI BOOKS! YES SEVEN!!!! And luckily the only one that I've read already from the whole batch is Countdown.

In the batch is a book by Marianne Mancusi called Moongazer which I believe was one of the first SHOMI books? She's the same author who wrote Razorgirl for SHOMI and News Blues for Dorchester. Both books I reviewed and loved. I actually picked up Moongazer this week after drooling over all the SHOMI books on Book Binge's blog. But my copy is used and not as nice as a new copy.

Eve Kenin's book Hidden has caught my eye since I have read her before but under her other name Eve Silver. I read Demon's Kiss by her which is kind of the book that popped my paranormal cherry! So she holds a special place for me and I'd love to try more books by her.

As for the other books by Liz Maverick, Michelle Lang, Kay Austin and Colby Hodge, I've never read them before but I would LOVE to try them! And since their books are SHOMI books, I am confident enough to trust that they will be fabulous books!

So thanks to Book Binge for highlighting these books. I always get excited when I see people talk about the SHOMI books and I am very happy with the two that I have enjoyed so far. I would love to read all of the others and go on a SHOMI book reading binge! LOL :)

Anyway if you are curious about SHOMI books and would love to win SEVEN of them...head on over to Book Binge's Blog and enter this contest!

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  1. I do that with Prime Crime and Ace. Don't think I've read a SHOMI book before.


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