Midnight Brunch Review

Milagro De Los Santos has finally found her place in life. Everything is going well and she is happy and content at her boyfriend Oswald Grant’s ranch out in California. When we last left Milagro she was recovering from being bitten by Oswald. Remarkably, Milagro has healed from being a vampire or as the Grant family calls it, suffering from a rare genetic disorder.

But Milagro having healed means she is once again human and might not have as much in common with Oswald as she originally thought. How would their lives be as a married couple? Could they have children together? Milagro’s confliction over everything is intensified by Oswald’s parents visiting the ranch. His mother voices her opinion and makes it known that she doesn’t think Milagro is suitable for Oswald.

When Milagro hears about a midnight ceremony taking place at the ranch in honor of Winnie’s baby, she is excited to attend. But Oswald informs her that she is not allowed to go to the ceremony and this leaves her suspicious about this family of vampires. What kind of weird ritualistic party is going on and why can’t she witness it? How will Milagro live a happy life with Oswald when there are so many secrets in his family?

While Oswald is away on business, Milago goes to a wedding with her ex lover Ian. Ian is infatuated with Milagro and he has made no secret of his fondness for her. After the wedding, an attack on Ian and Milagro causes her to run away for her own safety. Is the CACA organization after Milagro again? What will happen to Milagro if the bad guys find and capture her?

MIDNIGHT BRUNCH is the second book in Marta Acosta’s Series featuring the bold and bodacious Milagro De Los Santos. This story was full of danger and excitement as Milagro is always finding herself in trouble and running from bad guys. Milagro is in love with Oswald but other men are interested in her and constantly tempting her into straying from her relationship.

The writing moved along at a fast pace and I enjoyed Milargo’s interactions with the men in her life. There are some humorous scenes that made me laugh and the ending left me satisfied. I eagerly look forward to reading the next book in this series The Bride of Casa Dracula. Overall, MIDNIGHT BRUNCH is a story full of romance, adventure, and plenty of suspense that I greatly enjoyed.


  1. Hi Rachael...I'm so glad to see you're loving Marta's series too. Milagro finds herself in some crazy situations! lol

  2. I love Marta's books. I couldn't read them fast enough. Mil is such a great character.


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