Working Stiff Review

Sofie Metropolis runs a small private investigator agency that has been known to do quite a few missing pet cases. Things are going well in the PI business and Sofie has handled some important cases lately.

Sofie is conflicted and confused in love. She’s been having a fun time with her sexual fling Dino, a very sexy Greek baker. But the elusive Australian bounty hunter Jake Porter has suddenly formed an interest in Sofie as well. How will Sofie juggle two men? Will Sofie end up breaking someone’s heart by playing the field?

It’s a week before Halloween and the cases are rolling in. The first case is a hush hush one for Sofie’s aunt. Aunt Sotiria runs funeral pallor and her latest body has disappeared right before the funeral. With her reputation on the line, she asks Sofie to investigate and find the body quietly so the whole neighborhood doesn’t find out. Sofie figures that eventually a body is going to smell if it is just left somewhere to decay, so she starts sniffing around for strange odors in the hopes of finding the body.

The second case involves a woman named Melinda Laughton. Melinda is convinced that her brother is being wrongfully convicted and wants Sofie to help prove he is not the culprit who murdered his girlfriend. The whole town is convinced of his guilt and he’s already in jail. How will Sofie take on such a tough case without any other info or clues?

Halloween is around the corner and weird things are happening. Rosie, the receptionist at the PI agency, has taken to wearing garlic because she’s convinced that there are vampires roaming the streets because of the town’s blood shortage. Rosie also has a new boyfriend who she is keeping very secret along with a black cat that keeps showing up in the office. To make matters worse, Sofie’s dog Muffy has been acting extra weird lately.

Sofie is convinced that Melinda Laughton’s brother must be innocent and despite all the craziness of Halloween coming, buckles down and works the hardest she’s ever worked to clear a good man’s name and find the real killer. But finding a killer isn’t necessarily safe work and when things get dirty, Sofie will have to fight with everything she has to come out of this case alive.

Working Stiff is the fourth installment in the fabulous Sofie Metropolis mystery series that keeps getting better and better with each book. This book is full of suspense, romance and mystery that left me glued to the pages reading non stop.

For anyone who enjoys reading Janet Evanovich, you will find this series definitely to your liking. The writing is engaging, the mystery is well plotted and the characters are vividly eccentric. I loved every page of this book and I look forward to the next Sofie book and more adventures with my favorite Greek heroine.

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Working Stiff (comes out September 2nd)


  1. Great review Rachael! This series sounds so good. I have the first book in my TBR pile and should definitely bring it up to the top now to read. I know you love their books and you're always telling me to try them, so I will. I read one of their Blazes and loved it so I am sure I will love the Sofie Series too.


  2. These sound like they might be good. I'll have to try them! Love Stephanie Plum so I'm intrigued.

  3. Hi Lady Tink!
    I think you will definetely like them. They're alot of fun and always a great read. The first three are in paperback already so they're only $6.99 which is good. Enjoy! :)

  4. Another awesome review! I've never read any of this author's books but they sound fun. :)

  5. Hey Wendy
    Tori Carrington is actually the pen name for a husband and wife writing team. So it's two authors. :) You wouldnt know it though since it reads like one author wrote it. I count the days until their next release and am always super excited to get my hands on their newest book. :)

  6. I can tell you really love this series. *grin* Great review! :)


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