Bitten to Death Review

Bitten to Death is the fourth installment in the popular paranormal/fantasy series featuring CIA assassin Jaz Parks and her boss/partner/potential love interest/vampire, Vayl. This latest adventure takes us to the ancient city of Patras in Greece where Vayl must face a group of vampires that he has known for hundreds of years.

Vayl was part of a Vampere Trust until he decided to leave, which is absolutely unheard of. Jaz and Vayl are in Greece to infiltrate the Trust in hopes of finding the elusive, dangerous, Edward Samos, also known as The Raptor. Samos has plans for what he wants to do with The Trust and Jaz and Vayl must stop him before he gets his way.

While staying in The Trust’s mansion, Jaz, her brother Dave, and Vayl, start to notice the magic and powers the artifacts have over them. The new Deyrar, or supreme leader of The Trust, is an evil woman named Disa who has a long history with Vayl. With her in power everything is bound to go wrong and as Jaz learns more details about Disa, she yearns to take her out. But killing Disa will have catastrophic consequences since she has sneakily bound herself to someone in The Trust who Jaz would not want to see die.

How will Jaz find Samos and take out the bad guys when Disa is playing dirty? Will Jaz and Vayl take the next step in their relationship and admit that they have feelings for each other? Will this mission end in key players being assassinated?

Bitten to Death is a fantastic new chapter in Jaz Park’s life. I was a little disappointed that Cole and Cassandra weren’t around as much but this gave Dave’s character a chance to further develop. There aren’t any big revelations in this story but the reader gets a bigger glimpse of the big picture.

Vayl is still obsessed with finding his sons, and this puts his life in danger once again. Also, the relationship between Vayl and Jaz is slowly becoming more intense and Jaz’s healing is still in progress over the loss of her friends. Overall, Bitten to Death was another fun adventure that kept my interest and was unputdownable. I look forward to the next installment, One More Bite, due out in January 09.


  1. I loved the first three but I haven't read this one yet.

  2. Glad to see that you enjoyed it too Rachael. Loved the review. :)


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