Spectre Review

Spectre is the second book in Phaedra Weldon’s phenomenal series featuring Zoe Martinique, an Astral Traveler. After a traumatic experience, Zoe became able to travel out of her body by meditating. But ever since her dangerous meeting with an entity named TC aka The Archer, things have changed dramatically.

For one, Zoe lost her voice in her battle with TC. Secondly, Zoe has become extremely powerful and wonders if she is just a Wraith or something even more sinister now. With one touch from Zoe, a dying person leaves this earth and goes on to Heaven, or so Zoe would like to think. Where they really go, nobody knows. But every time she releases a soul, it gives her all of this energy, and feels good, too good. What is happening to Zoe? What is she becoming?

Zoe’s relationship with Detective Daniel Frasier is going great but Zoe’s secrets may cause a lot of problems between them. Daniel has no idea who and what Zoe really is. To make matters worse, Daniel doesn’t believe in ghosts or anything super natural. When Daniel and Zoe both end up investigating a case with missing body parts, Zoe must do her best to hide all of the super natural elements of the case from Daniel. Add into the mix, Joe, the mysterious man Zoe met in the morgue after an Astral Travel flight gone wrong, and things become hectic in Zoe’s world.

I adored every page of this suspenseful, original, imaginative novel. As a child, I remember hearing about astral projection and wishing it were something real that I could do. When I heard of this series, I knew instantly that I would love it since it’s so different from anything I’ve read and something that I’ve always been interested in.

Weldon writes extremely well with vivid scenes that the reader can imagine perfectly. The bad guys are all too real and by the end of this book, I guarantee you will almost believe that astral traveling is real and something you could really do! The story ends with an awesome cliff hanger that left me BEGGING for the next installment. Overall, Spectre is absolutely wonderful and I have a new favorite author to add to my keeper shelf.


  1. Fabulous review, Rachael! I'm really looking forward to read Spectre. :)

  2. Sounds great! Sometimes I wish Astral travel WAS somethign I could do. Like when I go to the dentist.


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