Wicked Ways Review

Wicked Ways
By Cynthia Eden

Miranda Shaw is a high school computer teacher whose past relationships both failed leaving her with not one, but two ex fianc├ęs. After meeting a man named Paul Roberts online, she decides to meet him for a date. Paul quickly becomes the Date from Hell when his fangs come out and he starts biting and sucking blood from Miranda.

Luckily, Miranda’s handsome new neighbor, Cain Lawson, comes to her rescue after hearing her screaming. After some researching of Paul Roberts, they discover he is quite dangerous and they must find him before he attacks again. Despite being terrified of the vampire, Miranda isn’t scared of Cain even though he’s a Shifter. She finds him extremely sexy and while hunting their prey, a relationship starts to develop between them.

Together Miranda and Cain hunt for Paul, a serial killer vampire, who is on a murdering spree and won’t stop until someone kills him. Will they be able to find this dangerous vampire and put an end to the murders? Will Cain be able to protect Miranda from this vicious killer?

WICKED WAYS is an exciting paranormal romance story with tons of suspense and excitement. I adored the characters, the romance, the suspense, and the twists. Cynthia Eden has a fantastic short story in this anthology and readers will be pleasantly surprised on how great it really is. Overall, this anthology was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more books by both authors.

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