Blood Memories Review

Eleisha Clevon is a vampire who has survived centuries under the radar with no one ever discovering what she really is. The day Eleisha’s friend Edward committed suicide was the beginning of the end for everything she held dear to her heart. She was living a somewhat quiet life with Lord William, the senile man turned vampire that she’s cared for since she was a child. But when Edward causes two curious cops to pay a visit to his house, the chase began.

Wade and Dominick are two cops who were called to answer neighbors’ complaints of loud music coming from Edward’s house. What they stumbled upon are two vampires who did not want to be discovered. Edward had lost his mind and was planning his suicide by running out into the sunlight, but Eleisha knew nothing of his plans. When Eleisha tries to use her telepathy powers to reach into Wade’s mind, she is shocked when she discovers he is also telepathic. He is aware of Eleisha and knows what she is. After the suicide, Eleisha and William quickly move away for fear of being discovered by the two cops.

Wade is suspicious of Eleisha and knows something isn’t right about her. He may also be telepathic but he has no idea how ruthless vampires can be. Chasing Eleisha is a bad idea, especially when her fellow vampires will protect her and kill a mere mortal with just a snap of the neck. Will Eleisha put all of her friends’ lives in jeopardy by going to them for help? Will Eleisha be captured or killed by Wade and Dominick?

Blood Memories is a reprint with a new cover from the 1998 publication by author Barb Hendee. The story has an ‘’Interview with a Vampire’’ feel to it and that’s refreshing! I’ve read several paranormal novels with vampires and in almost all of them vampires are always romanticized into being something sexy and barely even dangerous. In Blood Memories, these vampires are the real thing. They will kill you in a heartbeat for a feeding of your blood and think nothing of it. But Eleisha isn’t like them. She has a good heart and doesn’t want to hurt people like her fellow vampires.

The story is told in first person point of view for the first 100 pages and then the chapters alternate in flashbacks highlighting each character and giving the reader a peak into their lives before the present. Some readers may find the flashbacks to slow down the story but I enjoyed learning more about the characters and what their lives were like back in the 1800’s.

There is plenty of suspense and action to keep readers riveted for the duration of the story. However, romance readers be aware, this is NOT a paranormal romance by any means. There is a lot of violence involving people and animals that may be disturbing to some people. At only 243 pages, this is a short read but after surviving Eleisha’s ordeal you will feel satisfied with Blood Memories. Overall, I found Blood Memories to be a very entertaining story that horror and thriller readers will greatly enjoy.


  1. Great review, Rachael! I'm sooo looking forward to reading this one.

  2. Glad you were able to enjoy Blood Memories. Very nice job on your review! :)

  3. Oh, this is a very thoughtful and detailed review.

    Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed the novel.
    Barb Hendee

  4. Hi Barb!
    Sorry I didn't see your comment until now. I reviewed it for Night Owl Romance. I believe the review should be up there now also. Thanks, I really enjoyed your book!


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