Break of Dawn Review

Former Hollywood stunt woman, turned vampire hunter, Dawn Madison is recovering from her battle with The Vampire Killer and the loss of her dear friend Breisi. Dawn is staying at the Limpett house and is obeying her boss Jonah’s strict rules that she is not to leave for fear of her safety.

Underneath the streets of Hollywood, is the underground world where vampires live. Dawn joined Jonah Limpett’s Vampire Hunting team after a member of his crew had a vision of Dawn being ‘’the key’’ in a scenario. Since their last mission, Dawn’s father was kidnapped by her vampire mother and taken underground. Without knowing where the underground really is, the team is at a loss on how to find him.

After finally meeting the person behind The Voice - Jonah, Dawn receives some disturbing information from him that causes her to leave the sanctuary of the Limpett house. Without the ghosts known as Friends to protect her, Dawn ventures out to meet up with Matt but instead comes face to face with her mother Eva. Eva’s intentions are hard to interpret and this leaves Dawn at a loss on whether she can truly trust her mother or not. After all, she did betray her when it came to Breisi and this resulted in Breisi’s death.

Will Dawn find The Underground on her own without falling into a dangerous trap? Will the truth about Dawn’s love interests tear her apart? Will Dawn ever find her father and bring him safely home? Will this mission end successfully or will it result in another tragic death?

Break of Dawn is the final book in a trilogy AND the third book in the Vampire Babylon Series. The series will continue with a fourth book, but this will start up an all new storyline and trilogy. I enjoyed the suspense and action of Break of Dawn and how everything came together in the end.

The characters and their chemistry with each other brings an interesting element to the story. I found the fantasy parts very well written and entertaining. Overall, Break of Dawn is a fascinating, suspenseful, urban fantasy novel that will keep readers riveted until its exciting conclusion.


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