Charlaine Harris Hits NYT List BIG TIME!

This is really interesting. I just read this post over at Dear Author here. It's about Charlaine Harris having nearly all of her books on the NYT Best Sellers List because of the TV show True Blood drawing attention to the books right now. So I just went to look on Amazon at the list and as of now on the Week of October 5th list, SEVEN of her Sookie Stackhouse books out of eight (not counting the anthologies), are on the NYT List ALL AT ONCE! Check it out here!

I've never seen anything like this before. With the Harry Potter books the last 2 books are usually on there when a new one was released or when the movie is coming out, but this many weren't ALL on there at once right??

Anyway big congrats to Charlaine Harris! I think it's very cool that she has had such great success! I haven't read the books yet, (I know crazy huh?) but I did start the first one and saw that it follows almost exactly from the first episode. So I kind of didn't want to spoil the show, so I didn't continue reading it for now. I will eventually read them though.

So anyway, isn't this crazy that all of her books are on there at once?!


  1. That is so amazing. And you know, I've posted a bit about Sookie etc, and I get SO many hits just from that. It's wild.


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