Romeo Romeo Review

Dominick ‘’Nick’’ Romeo is a successful man who has everything to offer a woman. He owns several car dealerships and knows how to make a woman scream his name in bed. But Nick isn’t looking for a wife. He typically dates women for about a month and then moves on to the next girl. Almost every one of his past girlfriends just wants to be wined and dined and spends all of his money. None of them love him for him; they just love the idea of being with The Dominick Romeo.

Rosalie Ronaldi is a corporate turnaround expert, Italian, and is constantly hassled by her mother to settle down and make some babies. Rosalie has been dating a guy named Joey for about two years and their relationship is going nowhere fast. The only reason she is even with him is so her mother would leave her alone about finding a husband. Rosalie isn’t interested in getting married anytime soon and likes her life just fine how it is. Sure her house is a mess, she doesn’t cook, and her best friend is her dog named Dave, but that’s ok! Everything in Rosalie’s life is neutral, not that exciting, not that thrilling, that is until she meets Nick Romeo.

After Rosalie becomes stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire and no spare, Nick pulls over to help her. He is immediately attracted to this feisty woman who is cursing in multiple languages and kicking her car. When Rosalie assumes he is a mechanic, Nick decides not to correct her and attempts to ask her out on a date. Maybe if Rosalie thinks he’s just a regular Joe she will like him for him and not for what he has in the bank…

Nick and Rosalie form a pseudo relationship. They make a deal that there will be no strings attached and nothing serious will come of this, but quickly their own rules fly out the window when they start to fall in love. The only problem is Nick still hasn’t told Rosalie who he really is and as time progresses he becomes more afraid of revealing the truth.

When Rosalie’s new corporate turnaround turns out to be a job that Nick always coveted, things get a little bit dirty. How will Rosalie react when she finds out the truth about Nick? Will she still want to be with him after knowing he isn’t Nick the mechanic but rather the rich and famous Dominick Romeo? Will their relationship end with heart ache or will Rosalie finally get her happily ever after?

Romeo Romeo is author Robin Kaye’s FABULOUS debut into the romance genre. I haven’t read a straight romance (without vampires and fangs) in SO long and it was such a delight to read. There’s plenty of humor, witty dialogue, sexy chemistry, and a very compelling storyline that readers will adore.

After opening Romeo Romeo and reading the opening sentences, you will immediately be hooked. ‘’Rosalie Ronaldi made a successful escape from the insane asylum. Okay, so it wasn’t a real insane asylum; it was her parent’s Bay Ridge home. But most days, it could pass for the Sicilian version of Bellevue. ‘’

Romeo Romeo is a fun book in the same vein as Stephanie Plum with a dash of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Overall, I immensely enjoyed reading Romeo Romeo. I would heartily recommend it to contemporary romance readers who are yearning for a touch of something sweet and romantic that will leave them with a smile on their face.

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  1. Oooh, sounds fun! Great review. And you know how I feel about Evanovich!


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