Blood Sins Review

In Kay Hooper’s second book in the Blood trilogy, we are introduced to a very frightening serial killer who can kill people with just his mind. Father Samuel is the head of a Compound where families walk around like Stepfords brainwashed and under his spell. The Church of the Everlasting Sin poses as a group of religious followers, but Noah Bishop from the FBI’s Special Crimes Unit knows the truth behind this strange cult like group.

Father Samuel has many psychic abilities and over the years his powers have grown to the point where he is becoming extremely dangerous. He drains energy and powers from people at the Compound, sometimes to the point that they die. With every draining, Father Samuel becomes stronger and even more unstoppable.

Tess Gray is a member of Haven which is a group of psychics who help the FBI solve crimes. She is posing as a widower who wants to live at the Compound so she can investigate what is really going on there. Several bodies are turning up murdered, but no one knows how since there is no sign of brutality on the bodies or blunt force trauma even though their bones are being crushed to death. While Tess is working undercover at the Compound she meets Bishop and together they try to solve the mystery of who and what Father Samuel really is and how he is murdering people with just his mind as his weapon.

After having read the previous book, Blood Dreams, I was disappointed with the ending and wasn’t sure if I would like this new book Blood Sins. I was pleasantly surprised at how suspenseful and exciting Blood Sins turned out to be. The ending in this story was a lot more satisfying than Blood Dreams and it felt more complete.

Father Samuel’s character is written very well and is truly terrifying. Just picture a serial killer who no one can stop. He can invade into your thoughts and kill you with just his mind. That is truly terrifying! If you haven’t read Blood Dreams, that’s ok because Blood Sins reads like a stand alone story and can be understood without having read the previous book.

Overall, I am extremely happy that I gave Kay Hooper another try because I loved Blood Sins. I read this book in only two days which tells you it’s damn good. I would definitely recommend Blood Sins to readers who enjoy reading about psychics, serial killers, and FBI investigations. Blood Sins was definitely thrilling and kept me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait for Kay Hooper’s next book!

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