The Devil's Due Review

The Devil’s Due is the third book in urban fantasy author Jenna Black’s phenomenal series featuring Morgan Kingsley, an exorcist who is possessed by Lugh, the King of the Demons. Morgan has always been able to fight Lugh’s attempts at fully gaining control of her body and they have a mutual understanding that if a situation becomes dangerous, she will let him take control. Unlike other demon hosts, Morgan is unique in her ability to still be in control of her body even with a demon inside of her.

But things are changing for Morgan now since Lugh is gaining a lot more control then he’s previously possessed. Before Morgan would have to either be sleeping or concentrate to let Lugh in, but lately he has been breaking through her barriers and taking control of her body without as much effort. This frightens Morgan since the idea of being lost inside herself without a say in her own life is the last thing she wants.

Morgan receives a visit from a woman named Claudia Brewster who wants her son Tommy to be exorcised because she is convinced he is possessed by an illegal demon. Since Tommy is very anti-demon, it is shocking to learn that he legally registered to be a host, but Claudia insists that something isn’t right and her son would never want to host a demon. Morgan is unable to exorcise a legal demon as it is seen as murder and she would go to jail and lose her license to exorcise.

But this doesn’t stop her from investigating the situation to find out the truth. Unfortunately, quite a few people don’t want Morgan digging around looking for answers, and they let this be known. If Morgan keeps sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, she may be putting herself and Lugh in danger. Is Tommy a legal demon or has someone illegally taken possession of him?

Adam’s character is further developed and we learn a lot more about him and his relationship with Morgan. Morgan is put into an awkward situation at one point where she must chose between two people she cares about and her decision will make big changes in everyone’s lives. The war is intensifying, Lugh is building his team to help defend his throne, and the suspense builds to an extremely exciting conclusion.

The Devil’s Due is the BEST book in the Morgan Kingsley Series so far and it gets better and better with each book. The writing was flawless and I was blown away by this latest installment. The S&M that was a dominant part of The Devil Inside is practically non existent in The Devil’s Due which I appreciated. If you stopped reading after the first book, you might want to come back to this series now because it has grown and is outstanding.

The Devil’s Due is without a doubt an exceptional book that will blow you away. Overall, The Devil’s Due is superb and sizzles with originality. I adored every word in this action packed urban fantasy book and I know you will too. Look out for the fourth book Speak of the Devil due out in July 2009.


  1. Hi Rachael! This book sounds so good. Love the review. I heard lots of great things about Jenna's books. I have this one on my wish list as well as her others. Thanks for sharing your review with us :-) I always look forward to reading your reviews.


  2. Hi Linda
    Jenna absolutely rocks. There's just no words for this book. Absolutely fabulous!!!

  3. I recently won one of the books in this series. They sound good but I haven't read any of them yet.

  4. Make sure to read them in order! This one was my favorite. I hope you like them too. I have Jenna's other series in my pile and I have been dying to read them. I hope to once my review pile decreases. I know I'll love them.


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